Red in waiting for you

I believe fate this once in heart meditation without several times of words, let I the heart always vision the good that Misty hazy of artistic conception, that low mildly of mood that lingering sad of process enough to aftertaste life look forward to life, looking forward to life Miss life. Once thought that personal only in my dreams appear that in my dreams far of figure also will to I warm, that soft care will become I heart forever of dark read. Can you just so gently into I of heart to I left the thousand gentle all love, let I the heart always for you lingering. Rain every now and then of season easy to let two a heart close to flat light greetings simple of blessing, so heart and in slowly close.

That smoke spend as bright of Miss even though the only shiny in moment can after all combustion each other, after all in each other of heart left the So beautiful of moment. Who never in red outside secretly of Miss? Who never in red outside quietly task sleeps? Who never in red outside soft nostalgia? Who never in red outside cold of sad? Who never in red outside hard of blame? Who never in red outside Pulse to look forward? Gentleman is knowable that water of the Moon thin. How much? She in water now wander through full friendship King can understand?

Buddha said who will in before the Buddha and who one thousand years? Who will know Red outside of Miss after all can’t keep Filar silk lingering of love? That dream care for the hun qian of Miss only in that miss the moment. so always look forward to the Met in the world of mortals you. Can you I know we not each other of each other we just each other life in a traveler. Flowers destined to fall there is a kind of love destined to will not.

But we as long as each other heart have such a kind of belief in red outside, there was a you so thinking about I once have a I so thinking about you, we each other once meet Acacia read. How eager to meet you if can meet, I’ll in you necessary of you, just I to own open into a fragrance of flowers that beautiful of color, that thick fragrance let you hang around in I of side for a long time …… From Red in cherish for you; lonely station in look back for you; thick night in, miss for you; sudden change when care for you; falling leaves settling when waiting for you.

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