Casual meet in the vast in the sea

In the vast network of sea in casual of again and again meet let we pull each other. Network to the We exchange of platform let far apart from each other of Brother sisters together in. When the truth to temporary beautiful of flowers in each other of the bottom of my heart Bloom, we only need to heart to listen to, careful feel. All said network is Virtual of however network of back is real of life, we always with a real of self-dancing fingertips records with through wind and rain of psychological process. That’s a kind of emotion of catharsis, love of language warm the we every tired of day, let we each other become dependent me of mind partners.

A May get cemented incense that thousands of heart poem such as lan string into a connected of heart, will brother sisters engraved in we of life in never fade. In a hurry a few pen but there the edge life points of beautiful. A ray of breeze blowing simple but elegant Lily light fragrance distributed the puffs of pure elegant of breath, as if bamboo deep from beautiful of bottle gourd silk beautiful… we brother sister with the with through fmm xi of warm home this family of beauty such as petals refreshing, not network in but in each other of heart. Nine days outside space-time of distant and no change we heart of distance, we still can in every moment each other to listen to the heart of whispers.

This life can be met is we life the most beautiful scenery is also we Life in road an indelible of imprinted. In remote mountains of place each other comfort each other warm. Life of journey is because each other the truth of the look at only will let we more strong. Such as water of Day met, known Don’t ordinary of Brother sisters, we in this beautiful of blue sky white clouds together meet. Not other just in with an arcane of mind comfortable.

Continuous of new rain to we brought lease of life the rain glimpses beautiful moisture the Earth, fresh the leaves of dust. Early spring flowers put Wan Hong qian zi bucket lovely. Hot of summer to the trees dense of Willow far looking like a blossoming green cloud, reflection in Mengxi gurgling of river in. Time in passage live in Continue to we of friendship also in deepen. No matter time how to flying no matter world how to change in with happy of time, always with Life of pulsation stay we Memory of end.

One metre sunshine can warm thousand A of a heart life infinite situation, only have this life of Met know each other. Smiled at each other of moment from life connected connection; from this trouble support joy and Co. Autumn season even though the there are many some chill but we with honey put injection infinite of luster, interpretation the Brother sisters emotional life the true meaning of become life of love. This winter Cher still with White of snow warm we of home, we in the silent night with master that snow rustling of voice heart to Thanksgiving This World, carefully taste once of years. Hao Ran a righteousness write with mood put pen to paper writing affectionate friendship. Let happy of birds for We Sing legend we network of family it in yu yunxuange was born. Meet in CNS, wind and rain see truth let we together create a better of tomorrow, not abandon, with forever …….

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