For you I drunk thousands. No longer of cycle

Purple devoted Red had for WHO in solitary Romantic cold of miles away with tears look back, had for WHO in night when the mirror fill Red, had for who condensation The Millennium over bond of feelings, had for who trivial the eternal and old of World clear anxious, had for who yi mo picture book do truth and blurred of tenderness rhetoric, had for who to dream a pulse water of Miss swaying, had for who charming the that a longitudinal the gone of dusk sunset, had for who trance. I Zhi heat of love Zhong and gentle romantic of young crazy? I red III love deep and eternal have how many? Total thought through Lotus River drink. Soup it no longer memories land past. But all the way walk thinking, blank lost the when the road, also lost the those warm of hand.

Looking back in eyes blurred with tears other side over there also disappear the ferry of people full of sadness, waves brow hair tip with long of love into the cycle of tunnel. world of mortals the deep years reverberated every a meet all only for edge, each a cycle are only for you. Edge to I had limbo micro-step in a and a ferry find you keep first few of May; edge to I had take a ray of Tang dynasty the night wind raise tea holding eyes, and a little drunk of you lan guo I of waist; edge to I in Jiangnan Lane in the rain, wandering into a season of clove to melancholy of look waiting for you hold a paper umbrella, with Dai Wangshu of feelings approached I of such as; edge to I was sitting a cloud of spring, open flower of smile in you behind Ying station into a strain scenery, waiting for you with a brilliant of Chaoyang and I fingers phase button.

A margin word how much more tender; a margin word how much more Legend! I to smoke from dream break looking for a lost of soul. I has been in and a maple leaf red of autumn and a red blooming of dusk, waiting for you move all the way of dust make a smile cycle forever and ever. Lift eyes the old clouds have how much people stay live? Down the Old Palm have how many people hold of live? Edge will of shadow as loyalty? Will of eyes that not do? Origin when tenderness thousands of a thousand good edge out when burning heart Cook tears, only the paper in vain. For too much beautiful of story through tears now of every a time all and you about, A ripe of oath Qingyang the I of tears.

Has been want to do a open in you hand heart of flowers learn you a steady stream of warm. Just don’t know this a love will walk light; don’t Know Love of heart will walk far; don’t know a edge word will hold it of; don’t know a name will read just forget …… The vast sea a few degrees Spring and Autumn back to look pale the face rubbing the Acacia, hard the years of singing shen tan worry about the heart submerged the once. Edge to the most is Acacia people heartbroken! Maybe edge a stagger it can fall into the sea; love a don’t watch, it may in abyss.

When meet-good love-love turn only left a sigh, heart make after the throbbing has calm into habits oath has been far away all day edge of Yunyan, ask that tragic who Ken clean up? The world the most painful is incense paper so miserable most painful is monopoly other side long, most painful is cut ink book talk with most painful is to statement also Hugh tears Red, most painful is the moon boudoir lock affectionate most painful is first-line red string once broken. Excuse me, the world vicissitudes of life how a sad word registered clouds early open unreal world see Moon, A field clutch joys and sorrows of Feast often desolate no last minute for you, I drunk thousands. No longer of cycle, pale. This red dust that a short and eternal of Zhi love.

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