Cut a time write down time

Out of the window and it the rain also with bursts of Thunder. Lean in window speeding and. Of vehicle in the rain splashing a blossoming water, under the eaves have Birds Twitter disrupt the I of thoughts. Heart can’t quiet down. Wind. Have Filar silk cool re-returned to the table turn a old of diary.

Rain the rhythm rustle sound old diary has cast a layer of dust, paper has start yellow it so casual to turn over. Pages middle have a long gone dry of Gardenia yellow the leaves between pages in flat, leaves on the of by Meridian network clear visible. I gently came the light sniffing light fragrance haunted in nose, on the this wipe incense memory in those or bright or sad of thought, the In This ticking of rain in slowly Qin warm.

Eyes a picture May in advance bloom of Gardenia, white of flowers and bud with in green of leaves between bursts of aroma hit refreshing and pleasant. You all the way trot gently came from a micro-hold up it of petals, that abundance of petals imitation Buddha girl of face with the powder particularly white tender, you micro-drop eyelid head ears drop a ray of hair also is distracted by. You deeply breath as if to all of aroma sucked into heart deeply drunk in which. A clothing as ink of long hair Phi in shoulder sun flowers in you particularly beautiful. Noble elegant spotless.

You from message “sister I took a lot of Gardenia, sent to you “you know I like gardenia so to form different, attitude thousands of gardenia pictures sent to I and flowers among of you. Far away you a sound greetings a Virtual of hug, let I happiness have to forget the pain forget the rainy season in the melancholy.

Flowers in you light quiet simple but elegant; shallow gentle graceful as that in full bloom of Gardenia, I seem to smell to that familiar with a touch of fragrance gentle of wind through the leaves, to it of fragrance diffuse in every corner flowers light a long.

I like gardenia you said Peony have elegant of Beauty Rose have feminine charming of state, lotus have quiet leisurely of-plum blossoms have wind AO of bone and you love gardenia. I said I like it pure of taste elegant good clean and be, I like to it clip into pages in Let flowers life; I like to it with carry fragrance around nasal happy good every day.

Leave a flower in heart is keep the memory; leave a flower in pages in, is left the whole season. Flowers of season has a sun-like warm every a flower are fragrance, each a flower are warm of shallow fragrance lingering in heart even if season past, also will fragrant the bottom of my heart.

Flowers end-term life in come and go of people some people like wind had no trace, only left the memory; some people rain just wet the heart; some people, like Flowers moment just bloom. No matter in full bloom or withered coming or to the way maybe it for a split second, little joy and moved haunted in life in or light or strong don’t want to forget. It years still for a long time only gets better with age.

A met a encounter beautiful the once bright the years. Mountain process water a ride casual between harvest the too much of happiness moved and joy, those through life of silhouette in the memory still such as new. Even though the time has no longer young even though the people to years far. Even though the May End dream thin smoke cloud several fluctuation like wave sleeve the end of wind, faint a wisp of fragrance but floating in years deep. Shallow years those time in of flowers “scattered such as mud run over do dust only the fragrant as ever “.

Flowers only a season but life cycle. Years in the flowers in full bloom the season and a season. All of flashy all such as gorgeous of fireworks moment of amazing fleeting. In experience in know in rough in experience in indifferent in let go a plain, A a warm slowly learn to adapt to learn to cherish. Those life in feeling parting gains and losses success or failure and downs like a tree of feng xu people with the wind, body yuan hua from the only fragrant dark across. A good a warm in years in mildly in fingertips hang around poem become a rhyme, into life the most beautiful scenery.

Life of hundred thousand turn back in total some scattered don’t belongs to We, total some people we destined to miss can’t touch of beautiful such as fragrance in life in gently over, light a wisp of fragrance floating in deep dream around in the passage of time in. Stay busy fall fine to time recalling incense wrapped around heart and time whispers, and years dui zhuo shallow joy.

Flowers thank residual red incense dye dust. May all green eyes hot pledge, rainy day in of ticking knock window is summer in of a cool through fingertips, round trip in memory of time. No Gardenia open but there’s a sweet across. Years still static good Qin warm Enron.

Awning rain Gardenia open of season fragrance faint from. Of a warm don’t hair; with a ray of good through the years; cut a time, write down time. Years in end have so a wisp of fragrance the same I in you been a time, warm good.

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