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A mind of music is a story! Indeed when familiar with the melody in a in ear of when once of little drops, past of every a people will comings and if now of show in front all are so natural, is so people miss in online walk so long I has been all stubborn of think, no matter social how variable as long as sincere of pay will harvest to true love in the world, this is people and people between of feelings link this truth to space become warm, let cold of winter full warm of the sun.

The world not no truth speechless it can let the world is full of warmth, the truth is a unit break the ice gate of spring make stone by shock fate, also as Journey of a accident feast breeding the difficult to wipe of miss the staggered moment, moment intertwining this can not be met please of feelings who have the sails after everything of love, who seek to weak water three thousand of warm this is life the most simple of emotional, I would like to a elegant of posture away take a spoon graceful circulation soak in a homecoming, gently open screensaver state of care along su jian again spread ……

Human’s own truth in not with text in is in people of heart, in life in conscience to feeling with action to interpretation, you will harvest to life to the United States to really emotional life in everywhere and full, as long as you heart to experience you will found truth all not incentive the you, make you strong, make you up, make you the life full vision full hope, full power especially in you most need to people understand, the most need help of when, in life the most unhappy and spirit the most fragile of when more fully feeling, the truth of the warm and power. Life in the only love most life changes say nothing at all in, only a of practical warm and we xiang qian connected maintain we Life, this a flowing in heart between let we feel practical happy have truth, even if waves changes rain we same feel warm.

True love in the world more like a each other of lovers dependent me with I through seasons, with I spend ups and downs true love in the world the complex for I write beautiful of Psalms, is love the world as one we can make harmony between man and nature of vibrato Thanksgiving we side by side through the day, time such as water looked at each other in always silent but I believe we each other to really treat each other truth and to cherish, sincere phase keep of countless a tacit understanding intersection of moment wind remember rain remember heart remember, I will with the most sincere heart return this true this a pure this a beauty.

Maybe CNS, in mouse gently click is a fate of birth, no see of accidental meet is how of pure and natural, no deliberately modified of this a miss is how of profound moving this soul on the of pleasure, in heart for a long time to echoed the like a cup of tea distributed the light, delicate fragrance, in heart of strings on play the high mountain and flowing water of clear and long. the world the truth the most difficult to find human true love the most precious, can meet, know each other is God to I of gift World on the ground own true love, world Network has its own truth. No matter meet is how the beginning of I’ll with sincere of eyes, will in the bottom of my heart on permanent of blessing. by chance of meet light greetings don’t need a thousand words because truth this speechless say nothing at in.

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