Summer solstice still doesn’t come I has in way

A, Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and

Field of Rose open radiant or white or powder of flowers in layer upon layer of green leaves, or warm or bright in this shallow summer in full bloom.

The Splendour flowers between bee and see flowers light fragrance diffuse in around, air in the taste fresh and tranquil.

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and of gorgeous wild rose so in field still in full bloom The regardless of wind and rain, in hillside in Edge of in woods.

Leisure I just care I of the flowers and plants. Before just busy is distracted by the now carefully trim became, small Garden also have the lot of fun. Morning is look at my flowers and open the few A. Soft graceful of flowers bud of Bud Bright such as shy of girl’s touch fine smell, flowers whisper grass whisper that do not have some fun.

All of busy abandoned in behind all of troubles aside ignore, beautiful of mood it in this a spend a between start. Basin pot bowl between with the various color of flowers Narcissus rose orchid May Kwai, and red of pomegranate flowers in corner publicity to in full bloom. Swaying the posture whirling dance. Heart in this sweet garden in quiet down.

Flowers of time Yangxin seductive. In this way, calm the mind satisfied comfortable. Such as these brilliant of summer flowers even if wind been still disdain for stand upright and inverted, open it open to extreme beauty beautiful gorgeous.

Life is a tree flowers don’t is flowering of length and is whether trying to bloom; let life be beautiful like summer flowers and of gorgeous regardless of wind and rain Live all own of wonderful.

Two, umbrella flower

Rainy season to the party. let of is washed-like green and verdant, flowers and soil of breath diffuse in air in xie feng xi yu in like make it a Arnold Palmer, slowly walk in rain washed the green flag on look, footsteps green flag on The Voice, see rain along umbrella edge down drop hand touch cool of rain thoughts will drifting far away.

Often could not help but think of the rain Lane of that such as clove-like girl with a paper umbrella, through that Article green flag of deep rain Lane in the rain kuan er xing to a field past life this life of agreed, very beautiful of View always people linger the more in the rain of Arnold Palmer.

The rain of umbrella colorful such as blossoming beautiful of flowers in between heaven and earth color beautiful, in rainy day is a beautiful scenery. Umbrella under the World eyes performance and the place is most beautiful. And under the umbrella of the Heaven and Earth small have to can only accommodate one or two personal; umbrella under the world very big much can inclusive the whole world.

Small World in couple’s in umbrella texture the hot of love, continuous affection and ear whisper integral blend not umbrella the rain of size and violent; couple between in umbrella under hold up plain fireworks together side by side cash the your of hand, and zi xie old of oath.

Umbrella is the flower for which the wind door visor for in umbrella the to frost and snow, including melt. I know umbrella under is I of world no matter confront as long as you in, you is that for I umbrella of people you I’m going to go further, see the scenery will more.

Three, Flowers time

Yard over white clouds blossoming occasionally across cloud connoisseur Cirrus effect of own a leisure; yard in, flowers blossoming flowers bloom and random Enron; field trees birds mildly, eyeful of Green always full of life and hope.

Like this filled with flowers with color of shallow summer. Someone said time poem to day. Have to Poem a romantic and warm. I not poet don’t understand elegant just want to day. Into I want to, simple random and a May accompany. Don’t sad don’t like not Jing not faze don’t blame not worry in years in shallow and line.

Leisure write a note small print don’t write romantic only write time; a cup of tea, don’t for fun only for xi zhuo years feeling; express a old songs not for who know, only a field flow age; reward hospital studies and flowers whisper only for low eyebrow of happiness. Time this in morning breeze mu yu in to footsteps slow down to happiness collection.

Time like a Bay quiet of water calm ease reflection the time of past, spring and summer autumn and winter just quietly flowing I of every minute every second in this shallow summer in far away. A long of years in every sunrise and night in with a weak of heart, bearish flashy; with a arms breeze let go years vicissitudes of life; persistent a read, write years of bustling and thin cold will own exile in years of long river in. With joy spectrum a high mountain and flowing water sing life; to elegant description a deputy ink painting remember time. It years no matter beautiful or tears flow time such as flowers rooted in the bottom of my heart.

Long years with a kind of indifferent see cirrus clouds effect of in water long in reward flowers bloom, no matter can arrival time of other side still with persistent of read and leisurely affectionate, to Four Seasons tell the not abandon to years promise in life and death and then and time with slowly grow old.

Front of Willow has Branch loose leaf the became passers-by rest and the cool air of and women; pond in the green slim qiao li in water; the wind began to hot blow sun start raging skin, I has never given up in time in walking. Years will to flower time stranded I dark number of time and I of time more and more long.

Summer solstice still doesn’t come I has in way have flowers you have warm time.

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