You forever is I the bottom of my heart most of care

A ray of soft warm the night wind with wrapped in a light if orchid of fragrance gently brushed face, thoughts like a kite in night sky gently swaying like butterfly limp. Look back between this go to years little drops disseminated heart wet the heart flocculation, sing broken the talk. Yunzi shui jian smile vaguely Guanshanyue honeymoon mansion Broken Bridge misty rain clear water poolside harps faint pipa Yan, is Who In wave reflection in have one mind will one after another Qinyun melodious head was turned around drunk Tang poetry, drunk song Drunk such as water of moonlight? Is who will a Qingyue of dream hanging Liushao let miss in mottled of thin film between dancing, dance the tender of feelings dance the GeSHi from empty of care, dance the life I of watch?

Tonight a person silently stand in lights dim at the end of, A delicate fragrance and cool of thoughts quietly attack on the heart in fingertips quietly bloom. Out of the window exquisite tap trees mottled was Dew wet of Whisper in moonlight in misty ripples, end stranded in I front of that bed su jian on limp sing melodious mildly, swaying the past life this life of vicissitudes of life rendering the of the Qing Yun time. All said butterfly fly but the sea even obsession bustling three thousand also can only into millennium of singing, in old of fragment ran aground in. Bright of season in flying the of the flower the persistent of Think fondly, in the long grass birds are flying in the February days up layers of ripples carved years of Mark. However that flashy in wake up at only left sails after everything of silence, escape in light of night imprison the cycle of space-time clear war. If painting of tender.

Open memory of door of Miss pouring of through the ages of sigh flowing in purple buildings dust in, any to mottled of moon shadow will I of figure stranded in you when the way. Flower flying fragrance whereas you of figure in faint of wave in looming, misty the I of eyes glittering The I of city. Night so quiet miss of feelings in Wind in grow a times a Times of think you, a. A Times of Call the you of name, distance that world of noise don’t know before faint fade only left Yingying flashing of stars, with I. Moonlight gently so ground of Acacia drunk fireflies drunk breeze, drunk clear water by the river a purple of Lotus.

If have a poem for you and for you whether can count thousand times, will every punctuation symbols inscribed in you of heart? If Will a Huairou love light in fingertips you whether can came a violet, will dyeing incense of mind gently folding care Millennium? If I stick to a commitment you whether can roll up flower-like melancholy, in your arms carefully collection? You said I am you past life casual between left earth of a lotus seed so, I stand in Acacia River only waiting for you through past life this life smile the to I came, gently open the flower mind will I of gentle placed in you of Palm, no matter hand or the end of the love if in heart just not far.

Tonight I quietly waiting for you people walk under the moonlight and from, waiting for You shallow review between affectionate constant of hang around, waiting for You from diffuse the Tang poetry Song Yu of other side approached I of window. Miss you far smile to I winter a warm; Miss you hold I of hand, on fine of Moonlight silent in relaxed and long days; Miss you spend action moon shadow bang time, for I write down promise: If pity don’t leave. If past life five hundred times of looking back in exchange for this life only of wipe shoulder and, I would like to use one thousand times of looking back in exchange for this life of Met, with 10 thousand times of looking back in exchange for this life of dependent. No matter time how to change no matter wind no matter rain no matter the sea or change, you forever are I heart deepest of care.

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