A person is poem two people is painting

Picking Tori under neofine jian Nanshan. — I love thee.

Light rain continuous through figure May in wind the touch of the under sitting alone had very little to do with sitting, bubble a pot of tea eyes resting to restore energy like into in my dreams back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Product metaphysics in vast people Sea encounter a fate pick a poetic, spring of wind blowing flowers and trees fragrant Chapman open and don’t closed small garden static and deep, ease and sit Enron life.

“A person is poem two people is painting. “In order to in my dreams of that a picture that of clean of the sky. He to light rain May on a pillow of a bright moon habitat Nanshan under with a breeze busy mountain field. He is who? Through history he is a hermit a latent since the number yuan liang person Jing section Mr, tao Yuanming he is pastoral poetry of pioneer big exceed the of records PRA in fire. But Guy power social corruption. Ideal was years grinding until disappear. Empty interested and nowhere Express have to drowned in the mountains hidden in Taoyuan in breeze company birds music, ready to spend a perfect life. He in courtyard full chrysanthemum in vast field and villagers for friends. Sit and watch flowers night drink dew joke past smoke square meters as dark power not talk about world rich.

Life vegetation several years. He more times WTO with confidence wanted to turn the tide but do the some official, often don’t frustrated Swan interested and the end of the distant. Eastern Jin Dynasty late rule class internal contradiction sharp farmers uprising constantly people life suffering tax Heavy, power was powerful the control. If civilians from To Have A as an IS reach for the stars bother. Officialdom Dark cannot help but sunny but can’t warm lost of mind. World-are turbidity and he alone clear all is drunk and he wake up alone. An official the guan yun. Regression the heart have unwilling. Don’t skillfully taking to meet is not affected by fame and fortune but and house did not forget ideal of driven.

Tao Yuanming since childhood love read poetry favorite Taoist thought few yuan ming. He just start to teaching for a living know many xun yang xian of officials. He paper outstanding a article the Xian Qing Fu of widely copied a moment Xunyang paper your, to Jiangzhou provincial Governor King coagulation of hand greatly appreciation. Appreciate he of writing let he to for bie jia libations. Affairs busy position not rise because don’t like and others with don’t like gifts clean, but was most people the distant by local officials look down on. Later he also think this dirty of provincial governor let own like cage in bird general, can’t see hope of Dawn find less than once the dream free of longing for have Hermitage of idea, but but no chance to get away.

He care about civil suffering official one place the benefit of one party. Sowing planting of season he all the way dust to rural The himself stood in the ridge on, view farmers farming. See a Dark of farmer is planting so and farmers personally talk ask home situation, last year Harvest How to old Farmer say difficulties life hard tax heavy meet flood and drought to the wounded, had to escape. The end of the world. Yuan Ming sympathizing with the peasant back after was for a article the stimulation of poem of spread later, remind ruler care about ordinary people know human suffering. People such as water General can carry a bout it can also overturn it.

Bright moon clear such as water. Light breeze brought slightly rain he alone lying collapse on drink a wine, light smell wall chrysanthemum of fragrant the dust settles bird has homing a office just the plain ones, how can like country children bow. Leave natural a long time for a long time began to yearn for quiet of life. Distance the familiar mountains of on a pillow of residual Twilight fade of smoke all of unhappy a don’t frustrated, left behind in mountain all of story are gentle clear let he have to start meditation go from here.

From desire to be a force like grandfather general uphold can the spirit is willing. Pengze County for magistrate eighty-three days official position and the like fish the home bird back to jungle. Away from home number in boy welcome pure Huan. Wu luo filters thirty years of helpless finally regression heart. Close to natural in Nanshan Land Reclamation in Sonoda looked a few unfertile fields eight or nine house of hay, in Elm Liu shade. Rocked the small fan look flat light Country Life village elegant smoke. Listen to dog chicken Crow fixed from secular has been free, in breeze find poetic and in joke time.

Face reality he so free and easy. Morning in Tori picking quietly and look sense mountain fresh laugh view sunset. Twilight to courtyard harmonica poems thick wine a cup of wine do and intoxicated, and book of pillow. When sometimes open window way pedestrian less cup of wine has dry a few degrees cold and hunger, the ground vegetation students personally weeding planting Sangma pods can have ample food and clothing.

Bearish life and death good all things of gain and loss sense my students of line repair. He know secular development and ideal in contrast to stop in mountain Yue relatives of love, music Qinshu to elimination worry. Farmers tell more than to spring and something will in Xichou. Or life towel car or table a boat. Both Slim to find sink also rugged and by Hill. That’s dream long-of life. Sit and watch Wood Shin to Xiang Rong fine listen to the spring A and flow. Again one of a few first poetry good all things of proclaim the sense my students of line Hugh, not more beautiful.

When thousands of dark blue old Nanshan also in chrysanthemum fragrance and Yuan Ming don’t save, hold on umbrella through slightly rainy season he of poetry he of spirit he of free and easy, he of leisurely spread spring and autumn over winter and summer singing Jesus Christ and not bad.

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