Heart if Sun walk to where are sunny day

Sometimes outside it rain heart but qing zhe;

And sometimes outside qing zhe heart but it rain.

World on the many things in contrast in let you taste.

Heart shine of when rain is fine;

Xinyu of when Sunny is rain.

In light rain in walk more a rare of comfortable.

Look, rain gently tapping leaves when rustling of sound,

That moisture to the bottom of my heart of wonderful.

Happiness like a only Butterfly

When you chase it when it is difficult to get;

But when you quiet to sit down when,

It but may land to you on.

Heartless live hundred years;

A clear conscience alive not tired;

The bottom of my heart a Wangqing water no night of sorrow,

Not the night of gas there is no night of disease.

Static can Hui.

To calm the mind down you to bearish all.

Static in you will observe yourself,

In static in let life get sublimation baptism,

In self-view to consciousness.

To calm the mind down you to learn to put down.

You put down the you of heart also static.

Heart rotation is you no down.

Static the All State.

Happiness of definition really very difficult.

Everyone on happiness of understand also different.

Such as most the weak of happiness,

In social strong of eyes is mediocre conservative.

Strong will think

Happiness is definition of the nature in the weaknesses,

But little imagine happiness

Is a kind of calm of simple view.

Can the happiness have know of people,

A kind of is understanding High People,

He can in life in realize happiness of nature.

Another a kind of is in life in after the toss of people,

After the setbacks have the insight,

Only have the happiness of understand. Realize the after,

People will cherish life in important of things.


Often is “mediocre” and “ordinary” of things.

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