No matter the end of the Cape love phase warm

Have a kind of waiting no matter when and where heart company;

There is a kind of love no matter Tianya Cape love phase warm!

Have a lamp light can always illuminate way home,

Have a harbor always mind habitat of place,

There is a care always lingering in heart.

Lights only that fan window is the most warm;

Miles Trek only that name is the most gentle;

Of a miss only home warm is forever peace of mind

Love have warm edge parting each other to forever; love in washes with a heart have true and false, heart only have warm. Really of pay only have the truth of the harvest; heart of care, just have a mind of phase keep. Life want as long as someone know cold know warm enough!

Many of love needless to say heart feel; many of love don’t have to listen to time prove. Pass by you of just a obsessed with; true love you of only will not abandon.

Life a bosom friend Mo negative a someone life in constantly to meet, constantly of separation Grand Metro integrated life of story even if deviation wrong shoulder and, is also previous life of affection in exchange for this life side miss of will is others of edge cherish, is own of edge so doesn’t matter pain anterior always meet we of edge, quietly select the select of forgotten the forgotten of life in, some people in you eyes don’t ignore the some people also in you behind.

Silently of pay never please return; quietly with never utter not a single word. Laughter when of around why don’t tears when the hug; proud when the sought after, why don’t frustrated when the rely on.

Not Jing not faze of people may not be heartless; vigorous of, not necessarily long time of phase keep so more of people into life real stay of have a few; so more of scenery over eyes real remember of have a few!

Scenery miss the can look at; feelings lose the impossible again. Edge Hongling powder between only know phase keep very difficult to; on-again, off-again in only know never far away. Care only have intimate; heart warm heart only have perseverance.

Keep in mind scenery is most beautiful; have the same of feelings is the most true. Love is let a person live in another heart. Simple of only to miss only yearning; happiness of occasionally sweet occasionally sad.

Nothing nothing romantic because heart has connected; no regrets not distance, because love has deep. Love to deep is silent; love to strong when is love. Not each other have only wish to life phase keep; not the seas run dry and the rocks crumble only wish to mind. The most really love is in the depths of the soul of the language.

Not all of love can have each other are in is the most really commitment; not all of love can talk to each other all know is best of feel. Tacit understanding language but empathy; time rolls on but truth still. Around but in heart; no hand but have yearning. Into the IS mind have moved.

Love is a kind of persistence Total have a reason let you stick to let time beautiful; love is a kind of company without promise dripping silence love silence joy let life wonderful; love is a kind of used to habits of breath habits of whisper let mind warm; love is a kind of willing to regret select my heart stop let life no blame.

Love to plain to Love is Life of start.

No matter when and where heart company;

No matter the end of the Cape love phase warm.

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