Bamboo rain elaborates the rain

I like listen to the rain more like bamboo listen to the rain! Like a person quietly hiding in bamboo forest to listen. Rain lingering the was the wind blowing have to dance gently beat bamboo leaves quietly kiss I of face, again quietly slipped to ground. That rain gently beat bamboo leaves of rustle, just like in full the affectionate have rhythm of in reading the very harmonious and have charm poem, sometimes soothing sometimes rapid.

I look, Bird of shouting smell wind of fragrance as if to the fairyland, thousands of bamboo leaves in the wind whirling dance. A thousand of drop of rain with bamboo leaves of light dance quietly falling the complex, naughty of drilling I of hair rain wet the bamboo leaves cemented each crystal of rain, down the bamboo leaves and bamboo slipped dripping in soft of land disappear without a trace.

I quietly close your eyes like listen to mother humming the lullaby of, let I feel peaceful, comfortable, comfortable. Listen to carefully of Listen to look, look, you will think I have and nature into one. This rain sing the scoop you out of mind tell you of melancholy, interpretation you of doubt rich you of reverie let you think own as if is a drop of rain a grass, A flower let you think time has to stop. Bamboo forest in rain of the moisture full the life full the vitality.

In rain of the moisture only small bamboo shoots quietly out of the ground. With a double full doubt of eyes in looked at the this novelty of world. This rain make I feel gentle, lingering, diffuse is awakened somewhat, vaguely, mighty endless. More make this world bring infinite of life. It make I feel happy, nor will, moisture seems to be this voice to I bring the some changes, some hope.

Look, look, I not to I of body I of heart and nature one, fusion have to is that of harmonious that of perfect I feel I is that rain, I is that full curious of bamboo shoots. I feel my heart of wide heart of misty. All are to stop the All are perfect …… Rain in falling the in beating the in purification the I of mind, filter the I of feelings let I forget I past of sad abandoned past of confused. Let I to open life new of a page to seek I new of happy, new of ideal.

Rain really pure as I of tears I in own of tears in can’t see own, too much mind too much crazy bitter too much confused too much of melancholy can only in the rain flying, let this rain washing the I of soul can re-see a new of I. Bamboo rain elaborates the rain of in heart! I like listen to the rain I more like bamboo listen to the rain!

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