Make a Qinghuan to own

For a long time no write the no reason, the most appropriate of excuse is can’t face weeds full of mind world. Attaching ease let barren development, live in self-of warm sun in. Now sit in for a long time no touch of computer desk before, trivial of thoughts in this quiet night such as weeds a soaring no level of congestion in heart.

In a blink of an eye has been into July time really shrinkage the water day so cycle, will feel less the some new can and incompetent to change what. Day the noise of the total also can’t sort out a clear of fragment maybe is force enough, most of the time or like clear quietly it felt like some fun, at a TV or a book in of some scene could not help but laugh out loud or sad the tears. That mood from real of heart in only belongs to own with own of White of moment, pain and warm with the own.

Days is blue is Blue have to there is a don’t real of feel. this blue of clear such as I alcohol beauty heart. Out of the House eyeful of plant quietly bloom although some hide no summer that luxuriant, but in this season of charm in people like become particularly sensitive and passionate. Life also always this in casual between to people surprised and surprise, intertwined the heart flowers and no to work on. Maybe moved is so simple happiness is so easy to spread.

Walking in the quiet ecological wilderness as if the first time found here of View is a different kind of beauty, beautiful people enchanted. Wild of vegetation green the I of soul I of memory. Most people about desert of when first think of is desolate even is death. But now looked at eyes green of populus euphratica and lush of Tamarix chinensis heart students a moved. This maybe is nature of magic remote and open. There seems to be a hidden the pure beauty spiritual to was originally a deserted of field bring a few vivid. Actually in we side there are a lot of scenery every a scenery all have their own unique of beautiful, just we at the foot of the steps in a hurry and ignore the they if one day we can so delicate, busty of heart to pay attention to so scenery still there will be infinite of good.

Today standing desert of world in filter own of mind, in purification in feel there is a poetic of feelings and beautiful picture of artistic conception. This moment without poetry and ink to with nature give human a how wonderful of poetic. I really feel to it the power of publicity! This all in one of natural beauty let soul seems to touch ancient of pulse, perception we of home and all things of solidarity. Tamarix chinensis and Populus euphratica is northwest desert on the common of a kind of plant, in the vast expanse of desert such as couple a blind date in love. Every this season no matter wind and rain they still for own retained a this really charm, show life of real color. Tamarisk flowers stand of populus euphratica to Gobi desert add the bright of color, this maybe is the living of Enlightenment show the here not life of restricted area, and interpretation the kind of “strong unyielding” of spirit. Standing Tamarix chinensis among listen to birds crisp of song absorb natural of breath, as if people into a natural, harmonious, wonderful of dream looked at this clusters pink of flowers, not people sincere of admire and praise these unyielding of life, to we show the how beautiful colorful charm.

Want to can like Tamarix chinensis and Populus euphratica general very quiet very pure to have a kind of feel, like this real and sincere ground on own Bare the Heart. Reality in for We for real of retained and belongs to own, nothing more than is wisdom, knowledge and health. We why don’t in impetuous and natural in to pursue a kind of sincere of self-and enjoy freehand brushwork of life, because four seasons cycle of replacement every year so. For this regardless of the years of spray what to the ups and downs and also don’t have to panic-stricken. Way will always be met wind and rain of time but we still also will strolls because, heart and years have together in with the it such as this blue sky Baiyun Populus euphratica Tamarix chinensis, with the various birds of Sing soft the season purification the air, you if willing to heart and natural fusion to clean up of mind, suddenly this become spotless, crystal clear.

A breeze blowing air in as if was injection the rich of human fireworks of emotional. At this time make a Qinghuan to own Listen to A from nature of Zen Sound, shallow read a green in wilderness in don’t have to worry about years ruthless of carved, when we of soul in the accumulation of life enough abundance full when, will easily self-confidence with the passing of the life of incense walk in years in, “Like a tree care as much as alive: Don’t Proud also don’t low self-esteem forever keep quiet of heart.” It’s not is the method of and Populus euphratica of life of real portrayal!

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