Cherish must be moved.; give up must be down.

You cherish a person must be moved.; you give up a person must be down. People can’t see surface time will now prototype; product love don’t product accompanying, trouble to see the truth. People in Down and out when to see who poured of IS pots cold water, WHO holding of is sings worry about.

Real of friends is in the most dark of when with you with such as Dawn of people; real of feelings is heart in rain of when willing to for you umbrella of people. This world can you until finally the people is at least of is best. People only in deepest of despair in often see of is the most beautiful scenery.

Friends Not expensive more in your wind and rain peer; love no matter long focuses on responsive. So-called yi zhen: as long as you to as long as I have; as long as you need to, as long as I can. So-called of love: not proud when the rhetoric but key moment pull you of that only hand.

On weekdays maybe talk the most. Were killed when never not shrink back fraternal cooperation the same boat. To the warm of don’t necessarily true waiting for consistent of to fight to the last. Good fate not lost to time good friend. After it won’t go.

You worried who total comfort love; you in the arena. Who but not about. Know what you of people is you peace of mind of reason is you comfort of port, is you no longer alone of source.

Know what you why explain don’t have to explain. Because all consonance resonance; know what you no reason, also are reason because mind attraction phase keep. Everyone are in the most trust of people before only can completely no defense. Heart, just want to said intimate of people listen to; Heart of bitter, only understand the heart of talent heart know stomach tomorrow.

Open the heart window emotional has release; presence of feelings sustenance has placed. The biggest comfort of IS along with company; the most really touch is mind hand.

Life in a lot of fate are really hard and not please. Have how much people from familiar with gradually become strange; and how many active, too much of is as is love. Love the reason why barely is you care about the people no care about you; heart the reason why force, is you value of love no get want to of ownership. Is decree by destiny a long distance to meet not Across don’t meet.

If is predestined friends let ourselves in.; if you missed please also useless. Actually fate let nature take its course best. Don’t cherish you of said the Cherish also will leave; can cherish you of Don’t say cherish, also will has been in.

This world really feelings always are: repeatedly in smile through tears willing in the trouble. Trust as a mirror is not that you will in you before laugh and that you may not want to cry in front of you; feelings such as tree don’t care it look have how high more care about it of root have how deep.

With you of people for warm heart and Friendship Exchange only can not be separated from; know what you of people cherish and no replace don’t leave. In fact, happiness of people not get into the world best of things but cherish the hand has have of people

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