Heart is cool to how long ……

This World,

At you laugh of people too much.

Really inclusive you,

Too little too less.

Hand not used to hit,

But used to hug you love of people;

Feet not used to kick,

Is used to ideal of goal.

A person of lonely depression,

Often not because others ignore will own,

But because heart can not let go others.

Think of those time,

Want to said,

That when silly,


You don’t have to try to be brave,

Don’t have to lie,

Know what you of people,

Natural will know you look like the original.

Don’t told everyone heart out lung,

To know some people,

Front of Heart to Heart,

Behind think.

No matter you experience more pain of things,

To finally will gradually forgotten.

Because no what can be the enemy had the time.

To all the unhappy to yesterday,

To all of hope to tomorrow,

To all the efforts to today.

No matter reality how noise,

In the heart always has a private plots,

There growth the good.

The so-called happiness,

Is a idiot to meet a fool,

Attracting countless people of envy and jealousy.

Warm a heart to how many years,

Even though the heart is cool maybe just a moment.

Life in,

Need to constantly to for mind dust removal,

Self-reflection, self-blame, since the Enlightenment, weight.

If time can go backwards,

All also no longer precious.

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