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I so care about you care about. I?


Don’t be careful know the some.

Only found those who own the care of things

In others eyes is so ridiculous


Casual found. Some people

Only understand you to they rest assured in

And they but can turned around and you forgotten


To wait until see through the some

Only know things change people warm

No what something is eternal

Those you think can not let go

After all or to put down

Those you think forget

Finally or to forget

Fish leave the water will die

And water no the fish

But will more clear

Finally only understand

Who also not who of who

Why overestimate the own

To some people, some. See to so important

All the trouble are from not enough hard-hearted

You if always take into account the others

Who to take into account you?

All of complex will be time ablation

Shallow summer smoke flowers love this season again thin cold of people warm. Were up to one metre sunshine of soft collection flowers in fragrance to stuffed time let fresh pleasant, to support soul. — I love thee.

Has been think good time is with aroma of in this shallow summer of morning smell see flowers, look, birds low eyebrow shallow read Let heart through of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, that beautiful and poetic the in heart dripping take place formation landscape psalms.

Bubble a pot of tea overflowing Red removed in tired of a heart also with clear, will the Sun shaped like a leaf boat fang hai in heart such as wind of Lake calm and moist, in refreshing of quiet in will past condensation in delicate of petals on the shallow painted lovely, laugh see unusual years.

Time of silhouette in always because busy and miss the many flowers of moment, is also because in noise prefer to live a clear desire there is a pure land, to placed I of poetic and soul. Want to find party pastoral a ray of fresh in Castle Peak Green between leaders vegetation condensation, smell flowers fragrance let heart in the sky under stretch, let natural of quiet in heart the abundance.

Maybe is character of reason summer in the most like the not colorful of Hua inflooring surging, but corner of the spread of new green into eyes will think the bottom of my heart to understand thoroughly fresh moist, it no any decorate pure of natural in breeze white clouds any stretch, and flowers phase contrast and morning dew whisper.

Real of beauty never all don’t and any modified it such as in best of time, first the water General of people only two a clear of heart and dew as of affection, this of good through life only at Spring Breeze Ten Years flowers.

Often think summer of the first a rhyme must be green that green transparent, in light staggered between slowly spread out gently shallow to heart path shadows on the light, is the Wind grow a fence romantic is away from impetuous heart generation of a green, is a gold container used to hold good of clean corner no matter World Fireworks how to influence that clear transparent, in time of forehead between shallow release a gentle breeze guo chu Mighty or scattered or, all such as first a good.

Flowers is beautiful end will be charming eyes sometimes lonely introspection more neng shou into window clear.

I in a Eyes Cool in. Heart of landscape read shallow summer gentle of Psalms, this season to I of feel is gently soft pure, let I think of the girl’s floating in Wind in hem think of the Gardenia open, also think of the Love Eyes love of people heart is just the joy, that good of feelings in heart dense is enjoy the sky, the days is Blue of; look at the flowers, flowers smiling; water is clear.

Maybe we everyone of heart in ceng huai have a love of look forward, also have had installed a person years has far many things have been fuzzy, only that the same of feelings has been sewn in heart no matter when think, the such as this shallow summer of Sunshine transparent and good.

Away of time can let a person love to tea millet, also can let a person have a waves not surprised of heart this are the years of give, let we way feeling won’t let dust full the eyebrow curved important landscape semi-light breeze, through time of wall I still is covered with green plum tree that flowers of people.

Like incense information this word it should is from shallow summer of a ray of the wind through Soul, faint from with weak of feelings and leisure quiet beauty never smell has the heart. It should be of the wild chrysanthemum light have orchid of ya, and this season everywhere visible of Rose of fragrance in shallow green in half-open the heart, such as morning petals with to Dew a crystal subtle fragrance surplus sleeve.

Light very only know the flowers meaning thick a fragrant information in certain hidden daughter’s mind, that youth ignorant and initial first met of joy in heart dance such as shallow summer that a tree flowers in, to make dye of Acacia gentle the time decorate the season of poetic.

Mind was May of flowers infected with the aroma some are eager to of dream, always resist can’t slightly breeze of gentle a note Green in decorate the shallow summer branches of full. Some deep read without words low eyebrow the is you-knit argument of Smile, and you eyes in cuise read such as dew kiss the flowers watch warm.

With the most simple of mood. First the birth of for you out poetic grow into verdant, the bottom of my heart suddenly have the think is also a kind of happiness as you of that of Mo flowers, can slowly the carry.

Years deep some affection already don’t have to speech I want to I, is in order to and time meet writing a meaning with dew of brush, on time of cool light description met outline life in those good of picture.

Light walking in on the street have Breeze from slides past the graceful the years of song, those or like or sad of past already fall from the fingertips gain and loss, maybe no I want to the forever but the good of expectations but still socket-not reduction.

Life always in experience in abundance tranquil is a person heart of accumulation, it is as of running water mood Baiyun long free and easy is also walk in the world the most beautiful attitude,

Take a shallow placed in shallow summer of eyebrow eye also is close to natural simple fragrance, such as June of flowers like breeze haunted. Shallow how good! Love personal shallow. Then dependent catching until old shallow life, no big of waves fluctuation also not too much tedious Mountains mountain water, in light of years in warm such as early.

This life not scenery infinite only wish to simple quickly happy, in the dead end the of a sunshine in winding streets the leave a piece of flowers hold one hand, enjoy unusual life in moved and happy even if years there will be air and flue gas barren you in, is also the most beautiful world.

Think of xue xiaochan said so-called silver bowl Sheng Xue of day is front flowers behind vegetables, own pickled pickles have their bill salt poem wine Tea, have friends candle talk about …… this the time such as drinking green tea plain and poetic the is I want to the years static good.

Just like this early summer of morning always to people kind of easy all of quiet, all to the bird loud The Splendour have Breeze after courtyard of rose under, will bring a fragrance of wild flowers open arms embrace the sun in the heart then have poetic reproduction, simple of life with romantic forward free on a flower static of a crescent moon are joy, all of complex will be time ablation favorite of is pure don’t dye of heart, with three two friend read a few this light reading see years of ivy covered with fence yard, shallow like love.

No matter the end of the Cape love phase warm

Have a kind of waiting no matter when and where heart company;

There is a kind of love no matter Tianya Cape love phase warm!

Have a lamp light can always illuminate way home,

Have a harbor always mind habitat of place,

There is a care always lingering in heart.

Lights only that fan window is the most warm;

Miles Trek only that name is the most gentle;

Of a miss only home warm is forever peace of mind

Love have warm edge parting each other to forever; love in washes with a heart have true and false, heart only have warm. Really of pay only have the truth of the harvest; heart of care, just have a mind of phase keep. Life want as long as someone know cold know warm enough!

Many of love needless to say heart feel; many of love don’t have to listen to time prove. Pass by you of just a obsessed with; true love you of only will not abandon.

Life a bosom friend Mo negative a someone life in constantly to meet, constantly of separation Grand Metro integrated life of story even if deviation wrong shoulder and, is also previous life of affection in exchange for this life side miss of will is others of edge cherish, is own of edge so doesn’t matter pain anterior always meet we of edge, quietly select the select of forgotten the forgotten of life in, some people in you eyes don’t ignore the some people also in you behind.

Silently of pay never please return; quietly with never utter not a single word. Laughter when of around why don’t tears when the hug; proud when the sought after, why don’t frustrated when the rely on.

Not Jing not faze of people may not be heartless; vigorous of, not necessarily long time of phase keep so more of people into life real stay of have a few; so more of scenery over eyes real remember of have a few!

Scenery miss the can look at; feelings lose the impossible again. Edge Hongling powder between only know phase keep very difficult to; on-again, off-again in only know never far away. Care only have intimate; heart warm heart only have perseverance.

Keep in mind scenery is most beautiful; have the same of feelings is the most true. Love is let a person live in another heart. Simple of only to miss only yearning; happiness of occasionally sweet occasionally sad.

Nothing nothing romantic because heart has connected; no regrets not distance, because love has deep. Love to deep is silent; love to strong when is love. Not each other have only wish to life phase keep; not the seas run dry and the rocks crumble only wish to mind. The most really love is in the depths of the soul of the language.

Not all of love can have each other are in is the most really commitment; not all of love can talk to each other all know is best of feel. Tacit understanding language but empathy; time rolls on but truth still. Around but in heart; no hand but have yearning. Into the IS mind have moved.

Love is a kind of persistence Total have a reason let you stick to let time beautiful; love is a kind of company without promise dripping silence love silence joy let life wonderful; love is a kind of used to habits of breath habits of whisper let mind warm; love is a kind of willing to regret select my heart stop let life no blame.

Love to plain to Love is Life of start.

No matter when and where heart company;

No matter the end of the Cape love phase warm.

Bamboo rain elaborates the rain

I like listen to the rain more like bamboo listen to the rain! Like a person quietly hiding in bamboo forest to listen. Rain lingering the was the wind blowing have to dance gently beat bamboo leaves quietly kiss I of face, again quietly slipped to ground. That rain gently beat bamboo leaves of rustle, just like in full the affectionate have rhythm of in reading the very harmonious and have charm poem, sometimes soothing sometimes rapid.

I look, Bird of shouting smell wind of fragrance as if to the fairyland, thousands of bamboo leaves in the wind whirling dance. A thousand of drop of rain with bamboo leaves of light dance quietly falling the complex, naughty of drilling I of hair rain wet the bamboo leaves cemented each crystal of rain, down the bamboo leaves and bamboo slipped dripping in soft of land disappear without a trace.

I quietly close your eyes like listen to mother humming the lullaby of, let I feel peaceful, comfortable, comfortable. Listen to carefully of Listen to look, look, you will think I have and nature into one. This rain sing the scoop you out of mind tell you of melancholy, interpretation you of doubt rich you of reverie let you think own as if is a drop of rain a grass, A flower let you think time has to stop. Bamboo forest in rain of the moisture full the life full the vitality.

In rain of the moisture only small bamboo shoots quietly out of the ground. With a double full doubt of eyes in looked at the this novelty of world. This rain make I feel gentle, lingering, diffuse is awakened somewhat, vaguely, mighty endless. More make this world bring infinite of life. It make I feel happy, nor will, moisture seems to be this voice to I bring the some changes, some hope.

Look, look, I not to I of body I of heart and nature one, fusion have to is that of harmonious that of perfect I feel I is that rain, I is that full curious of bamboo shoots. I feel my heart of wide heart of misty. All are to stop the All are perfect …… Rain in falling the in beating the in purification the I of mind, filter the I of feelings let I forget I past of sad abandoned past of confused. Let I to open life new of a page to seek I new of happy, new of ideal.

Rain really pure as I of tears I in own of tears in can’t see own, too much mind too much crazy bitter too much confused too much of melancholy can only in the rain flying, let this rain washing the I of soul can re-see a new of I. Bamboo rain elaborates the rain of in heart! I like listen to the rain I more like bamboo listen to the rain!

Make a Qinghuan to own

For a long time no write the no reason, the most appropriate of excuse is can’t face weeds full of mind world. Attaching ease let barren development, live in self-of warm sun in. Now sit in for a long time no touch of computer desk before, trivial of thoughts in this quiet night such as weeds a soaring no level of congestion in heart.

In a blink of an eye has been into July time really shrinkage the water day so cycle, will feel less the some new can and incompetent to change what. Day the noise of the total also can’t sort out a clear of fragment maybe is force enough, most of the time or like clear quietly it felt like some fun, at a TV or a book in of some scene could not help but laugh out loud or sad the tears. That mood from real of heart in only belongs to own with own of White of moment, pain and warm with the own.

Days is blue is Blue have to there is a don’t real of feel. this blue of clear such as I alcohol beauty heart. Out of the House eyeful of plant quietly bloom although some hide no summer that luxuriant, but in this season of charm in people like become particularly sensitive and passionate. Life also always this in casual between to people surprised and surprise, intertwined the heart flowers and no to work on. Maybe moved is so simple happiness is so easy to spread.

Walking in the quiet ecological wilderness as if the first time found here of View is a different kind of beauty, beautiful people enchanted. Wild of vegetation green the I of soul I of memory. Most people about desert of when first think of is desolate even is death. But now looked at eyes green of populus euphratica and lush of Tamarix chinensis heart students a moved. This maybe is nature of magic remote and open. There seems to be a hidden the pure beauty spiritual to was originally a deserted of field bring a few vivid. Actually in we side there are a lot of scenery every a scenery all have their own unique of beautiful, just we at the foot of the steps in a hurry and ignore the they if one day we can so delicate, busty of heart to pay attention to so scenery still there will be infinite of good.

Today standing desert of world in filter own of mind, in purification in feel there is a poetic of feelings and beautiful picture of artistic conception. This moment without poetry and ink to with nature give human a how wonderful of poetic. I really feel to it the power of publicity! This all in one of natural beauty let soul seems to touch ancient of pulse, perception we of home and all things of solidarity. Tamarix chinensis and Populus euphratica is northwest desert on the common of a kind of plant, in the vast expanse of desert such as couple a blind date in love. Every this season no matter wind and rain they still for own retained a this really charm, show life of real color. Tamarisk flowers stand of populus euphratica to Gobi desert add the bright of color, this maybe is the living of Enlightenment show the here not life of restricted area, and interpretation the kind of “strong unyielding” of spirit. Standing Tamarix chinensis among listen to birds crisp of song absorb natural of breath, as if people into a natural, harmonious, wonderful of dream looked at this clusters pink of flowers, not people sincere of admire and praise these unyielding of life, to we show the how beautiful colorful charm.

Want to can like Tamarix chinensis and Populus euphratica general very quiet very pure to have a kind of feel, like this real and sincere ground on own Bare the Heart. Reality in for We for real of retained and belongs to own, nothing more than is wisdom, knowledge and health. We why don’t in impetuous and natural in to pursue a kind of sincere of self-and enjoy freehand brushwork of life, because four seasons cycle of replacement every year so. For this regardless of the years of spray what to the ups and downs and also don’t have to panic-stricken. Way will always be met wind and rain of time but we still also will strolls because, heart and years have together in with the it such as this blue sky Baiyun Populus euphratica Tamarix chinensis, with the various birds of Sing soft the season purification the air, you if willing to heart and natural fusion to clean up of mind, suddenly this become spotless, crystal clear.

A breeze blowing air in as if was injection the rich of human fireworks of emotional. At this time make a Qinghuan to own Listen to A from nature of Zen Sound, shallow read a green in wilderness in don’t have to worry about years ruthless of carved, when we of soul in the accumulation of life enough abundance full when, will easily self-confidence with the passing of the life of incense walk in years in, “Like a tree care as much as alive: Don’t Proud also don’t low self-esteem forever keep quiet of heart.” It’s not is the method of and Populus euphratica of life of real portrayal!

Cherish must be moved.; give up must be down.

You cherish a person must be moved.; you give up a person must be down. People can’t see surface time will now prototype; product love don’t product accompanying, trouble to see the truth. People in Down and out when to see who poured of IS pots cold water, WHO holding of is sings worry about.

Real of friends is in the most dark of when with you with such as Dawn of people; real of feelings is heart in rain of when willing to for you umbrella of people. This world can you until finally the people is at least of is best. People only in deepest of despair in often see of is the most beautiful scenery.

Friends Not expensive more in your wind and rain peer; love no matter long focuses on responsive. So-called yi zhen: as long as you to as long as I have; as long as you need to, as long as I can. So-called of love: not proud when the rhetoric but key moment pull you of that only hand.

On weekdays maybe talk the most. Were killed when never not shrink back fraternal cooperation the same boat. To the warm of don’t necessarily true waiting for consistent of to fight to the last. Good fate not lost to time good friend. After it won’t go.

You worried who total comfort love; you in the arena. Who but not about. Know what you of people is you peace of mind of reason is you comfort of port, is you no longer alone of source.

Know what you why explain don’t have to explain. Because all consonance resonance; know what you no reason, also are reason because mind attraction phase keep. Everyone are in the most trust of people before only can completely no defense. Heart, just want to said intimate of people listen to; Heart of bitter, only understand the heart of talent heart know stomach tomorrow.

Open the heart window emotional has release; presence of feelings sustenance has placed. The biggest comfort of IS along with company; the most really touch is mind hand.

Life in a lot of fate are really hard and not please. Have how much people from familiar with gradually become strange; and how many active, too much of is as is love. Love the reason why barely is you care about the people no care about you; heart the reason why force, is you value of love no get want to of ownership. Is decree by destiny a long distance to meet not Across don’t meet.

If is predestined friends let ourselves in.; if you missed please also useless. Actually fate let nature take its course best. Don’t cherish you of said the Cherish also will leave; can cherish you of Don’t say cherish, also will has been in.

This world really feelings always are: repeatedly in smile through tears willing in the trouble. Trust as a mirror is not that you will in you before laugh and that you may not want to cry in front of you; feelings such as tree don’t care it look have how high more care about it of root have how deep.

With you of people for warm heart and Friendship Exchange only can not be separated from; know what you of people cherish and no replace don’t leave. In fact, happiness of people not get into the world best of things but cherish the hand has have of people

Heart is cool to how long ……

This World,

At you laugh of people too much.

Really inclusive you,

Too little too less.

Hand not used to hit,

But used to hug you love of people;

Feet not used to kick,

Is used to ideal of goal.

A person of lonely depression,

Often not because others ignore will own,

But because heart can not let go others.

Think of those time,

Want to said,

That when silly,


You don’t have to try to be brave,

Don’t have to lie,

Know what you of people,

Natural will know you look like the original.

Don’t told everyone heart out lung,

To know some people,

Front of Heart to Heart,

Behind think.

No matter you experience more pain of things,

To finally will gradually forgotten.

Because no what can be the enemy had the time.

To all the unhappy to yesterday,

To all of hope to tomorrow,

To all the efforts to today.

No matter reality how noise,

In the heart always has a private plots,

There growth the good.

The so-called happiness,

Is a idiot to meet a fool,

Attracting countless people of envy and jealousy.

Warm a heart to how many years,

Even though the heart is cool maybe just a moment.

Life in,

Need to constantly to for mind dust removal,

Self-reflection, self-blame, since the Enlightenment, weight.

If time can go backwards,

All also no longer precious.

Red thousands of I only when you one

Sleepless of night sky suspension the of that round moon, distributed the smoke a misty of elegant quiet light I quietly watch the sad dream. Touch miss of strings like flowing clouds and let I the heart deep feeling waves. Heart and heart of blend achievements the que mountain of Echo, in quiet repeated in the Ancient of chant. Red thousands of I only when you one no one can beyond the you of emotional, I for you run over do a pool ink.

Is you stay in I of text in reluctant to away from, become I suddenly back to look of that lamp lights. You in I of text in the same of love warm the I of physical and mental, beautiful the I of wen mo. I for you move the heart, the love also drunk red. I invited the sky of clear a monthly income of pot of with that flowing the of night light Cook, as she the aroma of the miles drunk in this sweetness over me in. I temperature a pot of wine and months of light to text written into red deep.

As time moved flies of spring and autumn a few degrees cycle. You I past life stand but Bridge of affectionate gaze at drink the soup before the oath, all just in order to life of meet and never miss. Is past life of agreed? Or this life of love? Let each other in red deep have the love at first sight of meet. Maybe is have the this full with deep feeling to gaze and desire, only the bottom of the heart long of tenderness with text won’t be able to paint you I past life this life love of rose dream. I of this life if you have never been to that will is I time the most pale of scene.

Flowers a few degrees years change dark of night run over thousands of red dust morning breeze Dawn, smile smile. I as a ship sailing in wind and rain stumbled all the way the boats of the sea you became I parked of harbor. I standing years of cusp under strong winds and heavy rain of the wind and persistent of and to you of return. I will exhausted all of gentle through you heart of tunnel, let the light review in Bang heart in dripping happy.

Each lonely quiet of night slowly flowing of music filled the gently into I of mind deep, in swaying of candle under I in screen before waiting for the leisurely party of you, infiltration in you such as Sun a warm smile in, I to the you of Miss written into the deserted of Moonlight, light a ray of fragrance filled with Atrial. I for you left the party elegant of corner let pure of love presence, just want to and you each other until old.

With the first meditation life is like a dream, such as magic, like smoke, fire. In the depths of the soul of the beautiful and lonely has been hope have personal to read. World there are hundred flatters thousand red but is you implantation the I of heart, overflow the kind of persistent of love. In order to and beautiful meet I deep feeling of text in sing the countless of sorrow, with text accumulation up of emotional Haggard the I years once look at I of hard. Cun old. Of soft sultry mildly cyclotron world of attachment persistent just for you, I will use my of life to may get you.

A a love happen the experience the is life of love; two people meet, love the is I of love. People of life is in this tears laugh feeling between is in this ups and downs after, often to in experience many years after that will understand. And to have the good and often because had lost of experience, there the perturbed and worry about. Tonight I of hands flying in keyboard on for you run over do a pool ink, a sentence, a section of the lines shallow sing whisper the I that deep love thick love.

Red in floating of love fragrance become the you I of life love. Ambilight in youth still Sanjiang qian wan lv already winding became thousands knot to language also Hugh. I would like to turn into music High and Low talk to own the full confession of the Don’t negative the beauty; I would like to turn into lines ping ze writing own of Heart Don’t negative the love. A Xiao yun zhang sound filled you of dream; ink dye su jian, page soaked on you thick obsession. I for you run over do a pool ink with text love hold you I wander in books mo qi in, drunk in Love and beautiful in ……

Smell happiness by heart

Night Wind tight with text but still glow the look; winter months Dark, lamp but still shine the light. Group to clustering feather flock together with text country is happy a pro. Invited to wind the moon do Ascot push Cup, judge executive into alcoholic elegant quiet do Lady, mean tricky into shrew ……

That’s literati describe of one day that’s poet shape of a soul and for text, these magic of Elf did hate. Love. Blame. Sigh? They leisurely to live in small dictionary in have the invitation to readily to a field party yan ba, an indisputable don’t rob the you. Calm such as early harmony such as early.

Life of pain most from don’t meet. Don’t want to have been only thinking no in self-torture. Meet the not do not think enterprising but enjoy hand in happiness; meet the not willing to mediocre, but positive and optimistic in the face of life; meet the not stop but smiling to meet challenges.

Tagore: “birds want to be a cloud want to be a only bird .” With for those not actual of fantasy distress as based on the present think can do for yourself some what, can others do some What Can Social do some what. Don’t complain, don’t lament graft Lotus in heart stay leaves Teddy Big such, stay of ya zhi hua quietly there rain leaf holding rain; the wind flowers with the Wind Dance ……

I in heart create the in addition a world this world is hideaway outside of world is Winter, A dry frozen vine old tree school Shaw kill and I of world sea sky with spring flowers blossoming. Every day walk in own of world fun. Live in rivers Lake Love in the path winds along mountain ridges. I am really drunk driving Baiyun by Changfeng, only I free. A flower a world everyone of mind are a world why don’t Good create?

With a pure of the man who has begun to live with a simple of the man who has begun to live, with a quiet of the man who has begun to live. Don’t to today into tomorrow every day night empty others on own of bad, also empty own the others of good sleep a. When the second days rise when new of day new of start new of own, others never owe own also never Grace in others. Let life every day are new of Let own pure as full vitality.

Pour a cup of sake sit in quiet small courtyard of stone bench on, with two Baiyun, three two breeze in one gulp. Day lunch people drunk past a chapter review. Never live up to time never letting people life to now, no blame, no regrets, free, happy. Management the own of text Park let here blowing the spring of wind, bloom the summer of flowers suspension the autumn of clear sky elegant the winter of snow.

With text of country air is so fresh flowers is so elegant. Tired. Just in a poem in nap thirsty. IT leaders a holding spring water entrance. “Book own House of Gold the book, the book has its own beautiful woman” this house didn’t really have gold silver of copper odor, only that bright of glorious tossing eyes; this beauty will let a person produce lust of oblique want, only will amazing in she of graceful charming.

Through in text Middle often trance think own is a cloud own is a drop of rain, OWN is a small grain of dust floating in word on fall of in, caught in a page yellow of old books in.

Walk in Street alley often amazing a old house, a new leaves, a field fog, A drop morning dew ….. Thinking about this bore witness to unique of View transplanting into text garden will bear the fruit, or sour or sweet or solid or soft what are let I joy, all let I put it down.

I is a hold word carry of the naughty baby, is a reward wind rain hundred tire of urchin. Text in Sprinkled like in life in enjoy the natural wind, enjoy the leisurely quiet. With text let I so calm let I so happy, let I after the world still keep the to Jane of heart. As the saying goes “have to gratitude” the how to thank this want to with text little angel? I want to only and of dating more than visit.

Smell the flowers by nasal; smell happiness by heart.

Sleep, concentration Bright of the sunlight flooded in chest shine on Heart of Bud on. I hear the flowers with dew-knit argument to bloom elegant Jingya aromatic bursts of into blood, channeling full body. Others can’t see that deeply rooted of flowers others smell less than that ethereal of incense, but I really smell to refreshing aftertaste long.

Drunk in that Cherbourg-like music in

Once countless a dusk to lean on window listen to the Richard Clayderman Piano, wonderful melodious of music and dynamic of picture as one is imagination. I drunk the was conquer of is so of completely!

That’s a autumn of dusk walk in outside secluded of small way sustained-release the work of tired, enjoy the after work short of leisure and comfort. Mountain city of early autumn have the somewhat pretty is relaxed and happy. Distance from the autumn whispers of the CD of I get carried away soon immersed in music in. Music is so of sensational as if eyeful is storied of golden, red, of which the purple, orange, indigo and blue of spots magnificent and texture. Forest Field in autumn waves an oasis ……

One after another is that of vivid and Image: Rain of autumn more charming lovely, everywhere are mottled of spread trace insects? Nong soil fragrance this is Autumn of qiu yu, autumn of fairy tale; simple of notes slowly from Heart flowing and, that to Alice of should is a bunch of flowers also maybe is love in floating away of paper sail; forest in, spring edge beautiful of Adi Lina gathered Chrysanthemum indicum L, happy to bend over sideways look water in the beautiful then and sit-water next to the bluestone on tuosai hands, stuck meditation; pathos and pleasure of melody in Romeo and Juliet embrace dance, to love and hate entanglement interpretation to death Nirvana; writing a poem vividly paper drunk Acacia, v. Love. Late autumn of dusk in blonde blue eyes of Adeline hand-held letters close to the chest looked long and long at the distance, send the miss and look forward to; open autumn of picture blue of the sky is background, this is Love clear pure, blue no time; memory little drops but very clear, miss is that of sincere talk always so looked at love to deep also heart, that aftertaste infinite and deep and eternal of is love of memorial ……

No matter is music Autumn of interactive rendering or sound of tapping Echo, can make people feel every music flashing the autumn of luster germinating the autumn of inspiration, transfer the autumn of charm.

Push music of Door Music in autumn of bright come: that’s autumn recession, that’s qiushuiyiren that’s autumn deep as the sea even that the sky is also autumn night of stars.

Every first music in all carry and release the autumn of beautiful, warm, romantic, tenderness and sentimental. At the same time love of amorous feelings sound non-ferrous is filled with emotion.

Music sometimes like dripping ji shi crisp bright; sometimes such as a trickle clear comfortable; sometimes like and home high-pitched passionate …… IS is at the beginning leisurely beautiful brilliant; orgasm the such as stream long diarrhea soul-stirring; at the end and yi you wei jin unable to stop ……

Not know music of talent will understand will be infection as long as you rich feelings, feel, will understand every note every a tracks. Oh, that may be a poem a song a article prose a deputy sand painting, also may be a dream raving a memory a ray of Sanjiang a sad, A sound sigh ……