You the tender feelings of water drunk I of sad dream

Autumn Wind floating leaves blew one place cold. I sit alone in season of corner in this quiet of night in of Miss thin the Qing, of Acacia Full Heart Lake read you suit already boosted pain. Meet like a field flowers. We Qin the flowers laugh see water listen to flowers. You flower of smile bright the I of a Note lines. I give gentle in exchange for a field and you the most beautiful meet. You left behind in eyebrow eye between the Qiannian in cool of morning fall into I full Acacia of paper note in, melting in I warm such as early of eyes in elongated the Acacia of red line. From for you a heart go to prison.

From all of day are diffuse the happiness of incense, all of years are full the Acacia of warm. I light twist yi ban heart·traeh fragrant will you of like engraved in that first met of season in, of years withered how much of time circulation you has been in I Heart never had away from. Has been think the most beautiful love is know is heart closely. Is only care about a person of sad and like love and sorrow. Is always put a person in the heart. Has been believe there is a kind of love don’t have to phase keep don’t have to care about deep edge shallow, only a sound understand can be in-depth bone marrow into life. Know each other and to cherish warm two know each other.

Autumn is strong a field autumn rain a field cold. Of years how to circulation of fingertips so joys and sorrows clutch. I always stand meet of intersection will you of heart in I Heart in time deep, silence joy. Even though the apart mountains I still can feel you Palm of temperature. Even though the can’t every morning and evening I still can feel you to I of warm. You can know life I most regret of IS and you of this a field heart meet, the most look forward to of IS can hold you the hand count time past, the most happy of is those and you heart closely of time. You of deep feeling warm the I of red lonely you the tender feelings of water drunk I of sad dream, I only want to be you eyes the most beautiful scenery.

If can I may in shallow of time in for you brushed tired. If can I may in plain of days in and you have daily necessities of happiness. Let years deep keep We happy of time. Let time witness we love .. of legend. When love through the sea change when waiting for into Qiannian, when once of warm and to move fixed in years never don’t old love deep how much, handle phase kan zui time.

Used to in each silence of night find you of figure. In each innumerable twists and the dream for you sink. Heart have all tied up in knots knot for King system. Is who of Acacia Road not continuous Pliant is who of love sigh not Red love. In this Acacia of season in I still crazy guard wipe tenderness, and you drunk in time deep say regret. Time in you is I left in lips of that warm, with a ray of Miss in want to you of each night in winding, and thousand of time in read the you of love and sorrow, in Homecoming of time in feel you of happy and sad. This life say are long and the don’t long only in that down of gentle in know take care treasure.

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