How many traveler several people looking back?

Life in we have countless traveler coming and going wipe shoulder and. In An also in forgotten; CNS, vast how many traveler how many people looking back moment the edge meet lots of out, every day in interpretation the parting clutch of story, supplement to memory in those flowers, flowers fall, encounter, separation of fragment. time ups and downs many meet, know each other end will become good of memories, many of oath also will annihilation in wind of behind.

In network encounter of friendship have how much will each other hand in hand forever? Have how much plot will forever? And how many fate walk walking powder the look at it tired! Had someone said: Earth all of meet are in order to the final separation, maybe we eventually get rid of can’t turn around wave of plot maybe after all can’t life waiting, but once Review of deep feeling once consonance close to of little drops and how easily forget? That’s near water the faint mountain keeps remote from of the bonds of that’s past life review thousand times for of with through the mountain water, in light of red in the left of rich of aromatic and how can the wind?

Life only if the beginning of the meet I only remember you looking back at the smile, I will to you the most beautiful face collection in the bottom of my heart. First when the heart career, then we still with a qing yan warm dependent even if water swept away the time, years old the face you still in I Heart never leave, you I of fate even if smoke spend as bright moment also has no regrets! Stay back to see I’ll heart deeply Thanksgiving you! Once in I the world in stay; Thanksgiving you! Once across the screen to I all the way warm.

CNS, vast how many traveler several people looking back? Total some people Enron from quietly kept not abandon also some people strong as wine, crazy like drunk is wake up nowhere find to come and go wind dream had no trace, deep edge shallow countless of meet countless of separation sad a lot maybe give up, maybe maybe helpless finally understand why don’t shou zhuo to Qingxin indifferent smile see flowers bloom, cloud Cirrus effect of if have not abandon of friendship that call special friend the rest, smile .. friendship.

Gently turn around quietly review all will clear I not expect all of people can know what I, life in what to want? But in a hurry and in a hurry less Qiannian or good quiet and stable, wu bei no like just color of calm waiting for you of years in so calm you if well, is sunny day. CNS, how many traveler several people looking back? All of it going ups and downs. I only to a indifferent of heart, came a few minutes ink write red of twist flowers builds products Zen tea piano is in roll-out church incense, will emotions into in pen-nib you if read I of text must be it the world Old met, you in the end of the outside for I gaze I in reality this end grateful you of review. You if also in I the peace of mind!

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