Lost Human eye drunk Time

Came a finger colorful of clear dream leaders a holding time in hand Twilight four of when, you from time of other side wading and, curl Tingting of style self-on the street of Ridge smoke in Shan from, fingertips gently tapping the fan past see rain light drop, smell the flowers to send warmth, to years a shallow review. I total love in the rain falls the dusk quietly and sit to you of like with in palm, written into rain of dusk. That die Lian The Millennium did not you Bloom beautiful face is, you of eyes between which the yi wang shui Yun smile look between circulation the red; you out of the corner of dense the bay breeze thoughts limp in a Heung of mind Ying fall, the bending the WHO of tip?

Fold a also floating also disregarding of March smoke Willow bent such as Dai of brow, brow Seminyak the of spring breeze drunk water of time; in treating a, also deep also sink of October qiu hong moment for clear here of eyes, eyes in clear surprise caused the Jiangnan of pear white as snow of a, such as magic like a dream fragrant flowers stained such as Yan of lip, smile seamless such as lake ripples quietly hidden in the lips. Mask but a window bright of Moonlight You elegant of the IS ejaculation Fall of Night boundless, A Lian gentle waves up the pneumatic soft dust heart; break a Wang mildly of shui yi, into sycophancy or obsequiousness; You Ting-Ting of posture is Lotus of light whirlwind the breeze a enchanting, lost Human eye drunk time.

You just like songs water Mae edge dance of woman water Mae flowers gentle waves flocculation volume, with corner millennium of Jiang in water side barefoot light cut a rainbow for beautiful of yu shang, pick up a petals there soft of posture hair light beam of shyness caused the spring is in the air, disturb the wan zhao between of butterflies flying. You must be song in by column zhu wang of woman bath the gentle water of a gentle breeze and a mild rain, see cirrus clouds effect of skirt edge covered with the light sorrow of Shadow, in red of the most deep to listen to the wind yan yu, seems to be to this a trivial detail wave miao of dreams are crushed in this smoke cage fog cover a recession mind in feng luo eyebrow curved of moment a bit sorrowful dense the drift.

Think you it such as Miss the clothes on the of a lily will the aroma of the one place of lines, shanshan echoed; write you it such as with ink flowers write ten spring breeze fingers slender, heart wan gently tracing light inking, you of peerless elegance the like Lotus a open in I the fingertips. In this world of the most deep you is I wait for of allure smile. Now months hidden the wind stopped all are quiet of like. And I in cloud water of the other end shallow look back behind light thin film of and, everywhere you gentle smile through landscape apart of looking at you Ting-Ting of posture, into the heart of a water lotus.

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