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With a text of temperature feeding soul barren of corner

With text self-youth girl’s era the it has deeply into the I pure of dream. That when just like read some hazy of prose poetry; like you can the heart of Miss and tip of touch bloom the love of spark; like you can will Two a love of the soul can rub in with; from, let I the love have the eager of look forward to of you have a nice yearning.

A person of the bottom of my heart have how of good she of text have how of beautiful. A person of text if can touch to you of Heart and You collision the resonance, let you in mind of space in gather that the own baptism the own, so it is a heart of sentence a article Beautiful of Psalms.

A heart of text is soul beautiful of Bloom is heart the most soft of incense Yin. Once a person like on the text she of life only will with the rich and colorful; A text once met the person only will let text is flesh and blood.

Youth I had with text describe good of future now I with text miss lost of youth. Sometimes want to turn yourself into a flowering of tree of in you necessary of way, then in full the Gardenia of hillside on and you meet again to you tell Lotus of mind. Once I with romantic with text now I with text looking for romantic.

Each a people are a story every story will have a text records the little drops. To it press stuffed brew flowing in memory of tip bloom the it of fragrance, for fear of future will it forget.

Beautiful of text is used to Yangxin. It of beautiful and not words have how of gorgeous but it can direct you of heart, people easily able to open heart Heart to Heart of resonance. Maybe is meet the person that I perception the text of meaning, maybe is through with text of perspective that I know the you heart of pure Che.

Love with text of woman all have a water a heart, every text are dipped in she tenderness of ink; every text are she Heart of incense Yin; every text is she long hair a ray.

Beautiful of text is woman said love of tenderness whisper moisture the warm the lover of mind; with text is woman in heart whisper the lover of name a times and a Times; with text is female and love embrace when long hair in ear of haunted; with text is living in different places of two a heart of soul out-of-body meet.

Love with text of woman all have a warm the heart she touched of every text, hand Touch will have Ray of warm wind gently across. Load the have temperature of word shuttle in time of light in gentle the years, warm the fleeting time.

Sometimes write text is want to let own of mind remember some good, want to let own memory leave a first of impression, is in order to let text of temperature warm the I of feelings, I with this a temperature to defend I of life to sublimation heart of favorite, to with a text of temperature feeding soul barren of corner.

In a bad mood of when to text in looking for good; mood good when beautiful become with text. Only in this way will feel life of beautiful time of fragrance. Every Yangxin of woman all have this of attitude.

Good of text can mind took to holy of Palace; can help a hurt of heart heal pain; can be persuaded to a lost of children find orientation; can live in you heart of hidden ……

Like a person of when listen to a of continuous of music read a heart of text, again fold of soul after text of stretch all is so clear pure.

With a ray of afternoon of warm sun will text storage in mind. Mood it as brewed in a red in warm of cup in let it slowly of stretch slowly of precipitation, sip a mouth let you of heart and lips and teeth legacy under light fragrance …… wet the memory, gentle the years, incense dye the fleeting time ……

Load the warm mood in keyboard beat the have temperature of text flowing in mind of space, with I day by day grow old. Even if one day old of I could no longer touch you of beautiful, you of. Still will in I Heart rooting, germination …… moisture next life of inch ……

You forever is I the bottom of my heart most of care

A ray of soft warm the night wind with wrapped in a light if orchid of fragrance gently brushed face, thoughts like a kite in night sky gently swaying like butterfly limp. Look back between this go to years little drops disseminated heart wet the heart flocculation, sing broken the talk. Yunzi shui jian smile vaguely Guanshanyue honeymoon mansion Broken Bridge misty rain clear water poolside harps faint pipa Yan, is Who In wave reflection in have one mind will one after another Qinyun melodious head was turned around drunk Tang poetry, drunk song Drunk such as water of moonlight? Is who will a Qingyue of dream hanging Liushao let miss in mottled of thin film between dancing, dance the tender of feelings dance the GeSHi from empty of care, dance the life I of watch?

Tonight a person silently stand in lights dim at the end of, A delicate fragrance and cool of thoughts quietly attack on the heart in fingertips quietly bloom. Out of the window exquisite tap trees mottled was Dew wet of Whisper in moonlight in misty ripples, end stranded in I front of that bed su jian on limp sing melodious mildly, swaying the past life this life of vicissitudes of life rendering the of the Qing Yun time. All said butterfly fly but the sea even obsession bustling three thousand also can only into millennium of singing, in old of fragment ran aground in. Bright of season in flying the of the flower the persistent of Think fondly, in the long grass birds are flying in the February days up layers of ripples carved years of Mark. However that flashy in wake up at only left sails after everything of silence, escape in light of night imprison the cycle of space-time clear war. If painting of tender.

Open memory of door of Miss pouring of through the ages of sigh flowing in purple buildings dust in, any to mottled of moon shadow will I of figure stranded in you when the way. Flower flying fragrance whereas you of figure in faint of wave in looming, misty the I of eyes glittering The I of city. Night so quiet miss of feelings in Wind in grow a times a Times of think you, a. A Times of Call the you of name, distance that world of noise don’t know before faint fade only left Yingying flashing of stars, with I. Moonlight gently so ground of Acacia drunk fireflies drunk breeze, drunk clear water by the river a purple of Lotus.

If have a poem for you and for you whether can count thousand times, will every punctuation symbols inscribed in you of heart? If Will a Huairou love light in fingertips you whether can came a violet, will dyeing incense of mind gently folding care Millennium? If I stick to a commitment you whether can roll up flower-like melancholy, in your arms carefully collection? You said I am you past life casual between left earth of a lotus seed so, I stand in Acacia River only waiting for you through past life this life smile the to I came, gently open the flower mind will I of gentle placed in you of Palm, no matter hand or the end of the love if in heart just not far.

Tonight I quietly waiting for you people walk under the moonlight and from, waiting for You shallow review between affectionate constant of hang around, waiting for You from diffuse the Tang poetry Song Yu of other side approached I of window. Miss you far smile to I winter a warm; Miss you hold I of hand, on fine of Moonlight silent in relaxed and long days; Miss you spend action moon shadow bang time, for I write down promise: If pity don’t leave. If past life five hundred times of looking back in exchange for this life only of wipe shoulder and, I would like to use one thousand times of looking back in exchange for this life of Met, with 10 thousand times of looking back in exchange for this life of dependent. No matter time how to change no matter wind no matter rain no matter the sea or change, you forever are I heart deepest of care.

Thanksgiving in the world of mortals each a field meet

Fate just a tree flowers of experience met if cherish is spring; wave if separation, is one place fallen flowers. In karma when Mo negative time, Mo negative time, more Mo negative each and own reason of people. If really went to rope, also don’t to hurt you love. Of and love you the people. After all each other comfort each other warm. Learn to Thanksgiving in the world of mortals each a field meet.

Quietly sit in time of end flowers flowering thank you of withered and in full bloom. Always Never forget early heart still will in a text in a melody in, think of you had romantic. I love at first sight of heart. That amazing time of Met to last just a person of relaxed and long days, I also became you left in the end of the world in the review. These years with I laugh of people may have forget; with I cry of people never not forget. Even though the I has become memories please remember you of world I been.

Thousand go hundred back to after or miss the flowers of season only to full of mind, written into mottled of years see leaves Red story still is busy after the scenery. Was sigh worry. Of face has stretch into flowers of attitude; be tears soaked of text, has gradually fuzzy. Maybe everyone all have a will never be reached of scenery a can’t touch of people. The noisy glitz all to calm of tea cold after dust-laden in heart. Ebb and Flow just a process as long as in flowers bloom when from your heart and line it happy life.

Review the years late how much story arrived but time water, how many flowers in cycle in into mud. Maybe this on the street of do fan ke turn around just moment can always a scenery, let heart bearing in mind took; always a time people can’t forget. No matter once how amazing of and. Will be time precipitation as long as had been gentle treat each other, no matter is dust-laden, forgotten, or hidden is a beautiful of poem.

May dream wake up without a trace. Quietly walk alone see a season flower enchanting The Green Years tranquil the world flashy, and the gradual. Gone. It in read and not read between smile behind has learned to light. Some words can only stop at the lips and teeth; some people can only mask in the years. Story in the memories just time dust in past don’t have to look back has long been time break up of old dream. Heart the let some lost of fragrance static natural detox ru chu.

A turn around time is story; a light green tea past is unusual. Through time of distance salvage moon water mirror flowers of nothing once the most beautiful, already covered with the dust in Earth fireworks in light the beauty. No Who Can took four seasons of change water as flowers who also don’t know is water ruthless, or flower of the No. If can would like to be a on the street flowers not gorgeous. The prosperity of, don’t ask whether someone for flowers stop but with the wind Qingyang green time.

Busy after has no longer like those hard too of feelings, may be never don’t want to bear walk tea cool of the finish and may be understanding to flowers end-term of outcome. People and people between by of too nearly after all is a field disaster. Some scenery can separate a distance appreciate some love only suitable for light phase keep. Without inseparable in my heart the most true; without day with heart the most beautiful. I also understand the people and people between of with most are from strange gradually familiar, and from familiar with gradually strange middle all of toss just in order to delay dispersion of time.

Flowery homecoming once how much of strongly committed to become red in the memorial, in those years of emotional time in Remember the too much of familiar with and strange. Count years left of petals do not have a taste in heart, or strong, or light are in a flower open of gorgeous the aftertaste. If love don’t is every morning and evening fragrance still just. Fade the chapters too far, mind too close of young heart more kind and indifferent, no matter red have how much parting can be elegant alone youth. This is always the beautiful. Be kind to have each a time is life of years static good.

Summer solstice still doesn’t come I has in way

A, Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and

Field of Rose open radiant or white or powder of flowers in layer upon layer of green leaves, or warm or bright in this shallow summer in full bloom.

The Splendour flowers between bee and see flowers light fragrance diffuse in around, air in the taste fresh and tranquil.

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and of gorgeous wild rose so in field still in full bloom The regardless of wind and rain, in hillside in Edge of in woods.

Leisure I just care I of the flowers and plants. Before just busy is distracted by the now carefully trim became, small Garden also have the lot of fun. Morning is look at my flowers and open the few A. Soft graceful of flowers bud of Bud Bright such as shy of girl’s touch fine smell, flowers whisper grass whisper that do not have some fun.

All of busy abandoned in behind all of troubles aside ignore, beautiful of mood it in this a spend a between start. Basin pot bowl between with the various color of flowers Narcissus rose orchid May Kwai, and red of pomegranate flowers in corner publicity to in full bloom. Swaying the posture whirling dance. Heart in this sweet garden in quiet down.

Flowers of time Yangxin seductive. In this way, calm the mind satisfied comfortable. Such as these brilliant of summer flowers even if wind been still disdain for stand upright and inverted, open it open to extreme beauty beautiful gorgeous.

Life is a tree flowers don’t is flowering of length and is whether trying to bloom; let life be beautiful like summer flowers and of gorgeous regardless of wind and rain Live all own of wonderful.

Two, umbrella flower

Rainy season to the party. let of is washed-like green and verdant, flowers and soil of breath diffuse in air in xie feng xi yu in like make it a Arnold Palmer, slowly walk in rain washed the green flag on look, footsteps green flag on The Voice, see rain along umbrella edge down drop hand touch cool of rain thoughts will drifting far away.

Often could not help but think of the rain Lane of that such as clove-like girl with a paper umbrella, through that Article green flag of deep rain Lane in the rain kuan er xing to a field past life this life of agreed, very beautiful of View always people linger the more in the rain of Arnold Palmer.

The rain of umbrella colorful such as blossoming beautiful of flowers in between heaven and earth color beautiful, in rainy day is a beautiful scenery. Umbrella under the World eyes performance and the place is most beautiful. And under the umbrella of the Heaven and Earth small have to can only accommodate one or two personal; umbrella under the world very big much can inclusive the whole world.

Small World in couple’s in umbrella texture the hot of love, continuous affection and ear whisper integral blend not umbrella the rain of size and violent; couple between in umbrella under hold up plain fireworks together side by side cash the your of hand, and zi xie old of oath.

Umbrella is the flower for which the wind door visor for in umbrella the to frost and snow, including melt. I know umbrella under is I of world no matter confront as long as you in, you is that for I umbrella of people you I’m going to go further, see the scenery will more.

Three, Flowers time

Yard over white clouds blossoming occasionally across cloud connoisseur Cirrus effect of own a leisure; yard in, flowers blossoming flowers bloom and random Enron; field trees birds mildly, eyeful of Green always full of life and hope.

Like this filled with flowers with color of shallow summer. Someone said time poem to day. Have to Poem a romantic and warm. I not poet don’t understand elegant just want to day. Into I want to, simple random and a May accompany. Don’t sad don’t like not Jing not faze don’t blame not worry in years in shallow and line.

Leisure write a note small print don’t write romantic only write time; a cup of tea, don’t for fun only for xi zhuo years feeling; express a old songs not for who know, only a field flow age; reward hospital studies and flowers whisper only for low eyebrow of happiness. Time this in morning breeze mu yu in to footsteps slow down to happiness collection.

Time like a Bay quiet of water calm ease reflection the time of past, spring and summer autumn and winter just quietly flowing I of every minute every second in this shallow summer in far away. A long of years in every sunrise and night in with a weak of heart, bearish flashy; with a arms breeze let go years vicissitudes of life; persistent a read, write years of bustling and thin cold will own exile in years of long river in. With joy spectrum a high mountain and flowing water sing life; to elegant description a deputy ink painting remember time. It years no matter beautiful or tears flow time such as flowers rooted in the bottom of my heart.

Long years with a kind of indifferent see cirrus clouds effect of in water long in reward flowers bloom, no matter can arrival time of other side still with persistent of read and leisurely affectionate, to Four Seasons tell the not abandon to years promise in life and death and then and time with slowly grow old.

Front of Willow has Branch loose leaf the became passers-by rest and the cool air of and women; pond in the green slim qiao li in water; the wind began to hot blow sun start raging skin, I has never given up in time in walking. Years will to flower time stranded I dark number of time and I of time more and more long.

Summer solstice still doesn’t come I has in way have flowers you have warm time.

The truth this speechless say nothing at in

A mind of music is a story! Indeed when familiar with the melody in a in ear of when once of little drops, past of every a people will comings and if now of show in front all are so natural, is so people miss in online walk so long I has been all stubborn of think, no matter social how variable as long as sincere of pay will harvest to true love in the world, this is people and people between of feelings link this truth to space become warm, let cold of winter full warm of the sun.

The world not no truth speechless it can let the world is full of warmth, the truth is a unit break the ice gate of spring make stone by shock fate, also as Journey of a accident feast breeding the difficult to wipe of miss the staggered moment, moment intertwining this can not be met please of feelings who have the sails after everything of love, who seek to weak water three thousand of warm this is life the most simple of emotional, I would like to a elegant of posture away take a spoon graceful circulation soak in a homecoming, gently open screensaver state of care along su jian again spread ……

Human’s own truth in not with text in is in people of heart, in life in conscience to feeling with action to interpretation, you will harvest to life to the United States to really emotional life in everywhere and full, as long as you heart to experience you will found truth all not incentive the you, make you strong, make you up, make you the life full vision full hope, full power especially in you most need to people understand, the most need help of when, in life the most unhappy and spirit the most fragile of when more fully feeling, the truth of the warm and power. Life in the only love most life changes say nothing at all in, only a of practical warm and we xiang qian connected maintain we Life, this a flowing in heart between let we feel practical happy have truth, even if waves changes rain we same feel warm.

True love in the world more like a each other of lovers dependent me with I through seasons, with I spend ups and downs true love in the world the complex for I write beautiful of Psalms, is love the world as one we can make harmony between man and nature of vibrato Thanksgiving we side by side through the day, time such as water looked at each other in always silent but I believe we each other to really treat each other truth and to cherish, sincere phase keep of countless a tacit understanding intersection of moment wind remember rain remember heart remember, I will with the most sincere heart return this true this a pure this a beauty.

Maybe CNS, in mouse gently click is a fate of birth, no see of accidental meet is how of pure and natural, no deliberately modified of this a miss is how of profound moving this soul on the of pleasure, in heart for a long time to echoed the like a cup of tea distributed the light, delicate fragrance, in heart of strings on play the high mountain and flowing water of clear and long. the world the truth the most difficult to find human true love the most precious, can meet, know each other is God to I of gift World on the ground own true love, world Network has its own truth. No matter meet is how the beginning of I’ll with sincere of eyes, will in the bottom of my heart on permanent of blessing. by chance of meet light greetings don’t need a thousand words because truth this speechless say nothing at in.

Cut a time write down time

Out of the window and it the rain also with bursts of Thunder. Lean in window speeding and. Of vehicle in the rain splashing a blossoming water, under the eaves have Birds Twitter disrupt the I of thoughts. Heart can’t quiet down. Wind. Have Filar silk cool re-returned to the table turn a old of diary.

Rain the rhythm rustle sound old diary has cast a layer of dust, paper has start yellow it so casual to turn over. Pages middle have a long gone dry of Gardenia yellow the leaves between pages in flat, leaves on the of by Meridian network clear visible. I gently came the light sniffing light fragrance haunted in nose, on the this wipe incense memory in those or bright or sad of thought, the In This ticking of rain in slowly Qin warm.

Eyes a picture May in advance bloom of Gardenia, white of flowers and bud with in green of leaves between bursts of aroma hit refreshing and pleasant. You all the way trot gently came from a micro-hold up it of petals, that abundance of petals imitation Buddha girl of face with the powder particularly white tender, you micro-drop eyelid head ears drop a ray of hair also is distracted by. You deeply breath as if to all of aroma sucked into heart deeply drunk in which. A clothing as ink of long hair Phi in shoulder sun flowers in you particularly beautiful. Noble elegant spotless.

You from message “sister I took a lot of Gardenia, sent to you “you know I like gardenia so to form different, attitude thousands of gardenia pictures sent to I and flowers among of you. Far away you a sound greetings a Virtual of hug, let I happiness have to forget the pain forget the rainy season in the melancholy.

Flowers in you light quiet simple but elegant; shallow gentle graceful as that in full bloom of Gardenia, I seem to smell to that familiar with a touch of fragrance gentle of wind through the leaves, to it of fragrance diffuse in every corner flowers light a long.

I like gardenia you said Peony have elegant of Beauty Rose have feminine charming of state, lotus have quiet leisurely of-plum blossoms have wind AO of bone and you love gardenia. I said I like it pure of taste elegant good clean and be, I like to it clip into pages in Let flowers life; I like to it with carry fragrance around nasal happy good every day.

Leave a flower in heart is keep the memory; leave a flower in pages in, is left the whole season. Flowers of season has a sun-like warm every a flower are fragrance, each a flower are warm of shallow fragrance lingering in heart even if season past, also will fragrant the bottom of my heart.

Flowers end-term life in come and go of people some people like wind had no trace, only left the memory; some people rain just wet the heart; some people, like Flowers moment just bloom. No matter in full bloom or withered coming or to the way maybe it for a split second, little joy and moved haunted in life in or light or strong don’t want to forget. It years still for a long time only gets better with age.

A met a encounter beautiful the once bright the years. Mountain process water a ride casual between harvest the too much of happiness moved and joy, those through life of silhouette in the memory still such as new. Even though the time has no longer young even though the people to years far. Even though the May End dream thin smoke cloud several fluctuation like wave sleeve the end of wind, faint a wisp of fragrance but floating in years deep. Shallow years those time in of flowers “scattered such as mud run over do dust only the fragrant as ever “.

Flowers only a season but life cycle. Years in the flowers in full bloom the season and a season. All of flashy all such as gorgeous of fireworks moment of amazing fleeting. In experience in know in rough in experience in indifferent in let go a plain, A a warm slowly learn to adapt to learn to cherish. Those life in feeling parting gains and losses success or failure and downs like a tree of feng xu people with the wind, body yuan hua from the only fragrant dark across. A good a warm in years in mildly in fingertips hang around poem become a rhyme, into life the most beautiful scenery.

Life of hundred thousand turn back in total some scattered don’t belongs to We, total some people we destined to miss can’t touch of beautiful such as fragrance in life in gently over, light a wisp of fragrance floating in deep dream around in the passage of time in. Stay busy fall fine to time recalling incense wrapped around heart and time whispers, and years dui zhuo shallow joy.

Flowers thank residual red incense dye dust. May all green eyes hot pledge, rainy day in of ticking knock window is summer in of a cool through fingertips, round trip in memory of time. No Gardenia open but there’s a sweet across. Years still static good Qin warm Enron.

Awning rain Gardenia open of season fragrance faint from. Of a warm don’t hair; with a ray of good through the years; cut a time, write down time. Years in end have so a wisp of fragrance the same I in you been a time, warm good.

For you I drunk thousands. No longer of cycle

Purple devoted Red had for WHO in solitary Romantic cold of miles away with tears look back, had for WHO in night when the mirror fill Red, had for who condensation The Millennium over bond of feelings, had for who trivial the eternal and old of World clear anxious, had for who yi mo picture book do truth and blurred of tenderness rhetoric, had for who to dream a pulse water of Miss swaying, had for who charming the that a longitudinal the gone of dusk sunset, had for who trance. I Zhi heat of love Zhong and gentle romantic of young crazy? I red III love deep and eternal have how many? Total thought through Lotus River drink. Soup it no longer memories land past. But all the way walk thinking, blank lost the when the road, also lost the those warm of hand.

Looking back in eyes blurred with tears other side over there also disappear the ferry of people full of sadness, waves brow hair tip with long of love into the cycle of tunnel. world of mortals the deep years reverberated every a meet all only for edge, each a cycle are only for you. Edge to I had limbo micro-step in a and a ferry find you keep first few of May; edge to I had take a ray of Tang dynasty the night wind raise tea holding eyes, and a little drunk of you lan guo I of waist; edge to I in Jiangnan Lane in the rain, wandering into a season of clove to melancholy of look waiting for you hold a paper umbrella, with Dai Wangshu of feelings approached I of such as; edge to I was sitting a cloud of spring, open flower of smile in you behind Ying station into a strain scenery, waiting for you with a brilliant of Chaoyang and I fingers phase button.

A margin word how much more tender; a margin word how much more Legend! I to smoke from dream break looking for a lost of soul. I has been in and a maple leaf red of autumn and a red blooming of dusk, waiting for you move all the way of dust make a smile cycle forever and ever. Lift eyes the old clouds have how much people stay live? Down the Old Palm have how many people hold of live? Edge will of shadow as loyalty? Will of eyes that not do? Origin when tenderness thousands of a thousand good edge out when burning heart Cook tears, only the paper in vain. For too much beautiful of story through tears now of every a time all and you about, A ripe of oath Qingyang the I of tears.

Has been want to do a open in you hand heart of flowers learn you a steady stream of warm. Just don’t know this a love will walk light; don’t Know Love of heart will walk far; don’t know a edge word will hold it of; don’t know a name will read just forget …… The vast sea a few degrees Spring and Autumn back to look pale the face rubbing the Acacia, hard the years of singing shen tan worry about the heart submerged the once. Edge to the most is Acacia people heartbroken! Maybe edge a stagger it can fall into the sea; love a don’t watch, it may in abyss.

When meet-good love-love turn only left a sigh, heart make after the throbbing has calm into habits oath has been far away all day edge of Yunyan, ask that tragic who Ken clean up? The world the most painful is incense paper so miserable most painful is monopoly other side long, most painful is cut ink book talk with most painful is to statement also Hugh tears Red, most painful is the moon boudoir lock affectionate most painful is first-line red string once broken. Excuse me, the world vicissitudes of life how a sad word registered clouds early open unreal world see Moon, A field clutch joys and sorrows of Feast often desolate no last minute for you, I drunk thousands. No longer of cycle, pale. This red dust that a short and eternal of Zhi love.

Casual meet in the vast in the sea

In the vast network of sea in casual of again and again meet let we pull each other. Network to the We exchange of platform let far apart from each other of Brother sisters together in. When the truth to temporary beautiful of flowers in each other of the bottom of my heart Bloom, we only need to heart to listen to, careful feel. All said network is Virtual of however network of back is real of life, we always with a real of self-dancing fingertips records with through wind and rain of psychological process. That’s a kind of emotion of catharsis, love of language warm the we every tired of day, let we each other become dependent me of mind partners.

A May get cemented incense that thousands of heart poem such as lan string into a connected of heart, will brother sisters engraved in we of life in never fade. In a hurry a few pen but there the edge life points of beautiful. A ray of breeze blowing simple but elegant Lily light fragrance distributed the puffs of pure elegant of breath, as if bamboo deep from beautiful of bottle gourd silk beautiful… we brother sister with the with through fmm xi of warm home this family of beauty such as petals refreshing, not network in but in each other of heart. Nine days outside space-time of distant and no change we heart of distance, we still can in every moment each other to listen to the heart of whispers.

This life can be met is we life the most beautiful scenery is also we Life in road an indelible of imprinted. In remote mountains of place each other comfort each other warm. Life of journey is because each other the truth of the look at only will let we more strong. Such as water of Day met, known Don’t ordinary of Brother sisters, we in this beautiful of blue sky white clouds together meet. Not other just in with an arcane of mind comfortable.

Continuous of new rain to we brought lease of life the rain glimpses beautiful moisture the Earth, fresh the leaves of dust. Early spring flowers put Wan Hong qian zi bucket lovely. Hot of summer to the trees dense of Willow far looking like a blossoming green cloud, reflection in Mengxi gurgling of river in. Time in passage live in Continue to we of friendship also in deepen. No matter time how to flying no matter world how to change in with happy of time, always with Life of pulsation stay we Memory of end.

One metre sunshine can warm thousand A of a heart life infinite situation, only have this life of Met know each other. Smiled at each other of moment from life connected connection; from this trouble support joy and Co. Autumn season even though the there are many some chill but we with honey put injection infinite of luster, interpretation the Brother sisters emotional life the true meaning of become life of love. This winter Cher still with White of snow warm we of home, we in the silent night with master that snow rustling of voice heart to Thanksgiving This World, carefully taste once of years. Hao Ran a righteousness write with mood put pen to paper writing affectionate friendship. Let happy of birds for We Sing legend we network of family it in yu yunxuange was born. Meet in CNS, wind and rain see truth let we together create a better of tomorrow, not abandon, with forever …….

Red in waiting for you

I believe fate this once in heart meditation without several times of words, let I the heart always vision the good that Misty hazy of artistic conception, that low mildly of mood that lingering sad of process enough to aftertaste life look forward to life, looking forward to life Miss life. Once thought that personal only in my dreams appear that in my dreams far of figure also will to I warm, that soft care will become I heart forever of dark read. Can you just so gently into I of heart to I left the thousand gentle all love, let I the heart always for you lingering. Rain every now and then of season easy to let two a heart close to flat light greetings simple of blessing, so heart and in slowly close.

That smoke spend as bright of Miss even though the only shiny in moment can after all combustion each other, after all in each other of heart left the So beautiful of moment. Who never in red outside secretly of Miss? Who never in red outside quietly task sleeps? Who never in red outside soft nostalgia? Who never in red outside cold of sad? Who never in red outside hard of blame? Who never in red outside Pulse to look forward? Gentleman is knowable that water of the Moon thin. How much? She in water now wander through full friendship King can understand?

Buddha said who will in before the Buddha and who one thousand years? Who will know Red outside of Miss after all can’t keep Filar silk lingering of love? That dream care for the hun qian of Miss only in that miss the moment. so always look forward to the Met in the world of mortals you. Can you I know we not each other of each other we just each other life in a traveler. Flowers destined to fall there is a kind of love destined to will not.

But we as long as each other heart have such a kind of belief in red outside, there was a you so thinking about I once have a I so thinking about you, we each other once meet Acacia read. How eager to meet you if can meet, I’ll in you necessary of you, just I to own open into a fragrance of flowers that beautiful of color, that thick fragrance let you hang around in I of side for a long time …… From Red in cherish for you; lonely station in look back for you; thick night in, miss for you; sudden change when care for you; falling leaves settling when waiting for you.