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Parting in a hurry always yuan free scattered

We always be signs of a better lost eyes forget the easily variable but old friend heart of helpless. Until leave only understand original life in each a Encounter, not all are water Long of with more of is tea cold people powder of respectively. Meet, know each other, separation, farewell like a curse of cycle. Can’t keep the IS get along with of drip and the rest of the always away of back. Mad at hit left deeply shallow imprinted que dao just traveler pull Camellia root qian yuan of line. Each New Year flower similar, every year people different. So-called of people have changed original is so sad of sigh people and people between the fate, was so shallow.

Once most of we are eager to eternal constant. However after losing just know to life is a field endless of journey, beautiful scenery also can not retain in a hurry of footsteps. Around the landscape constantly transform so short way meet of people. Have a few can has been? Reality so constantly meet losing. Once of together all such as have to say good-bye to the landscape stay there become again and again memories of the main character. Just a memory of the main character. We how can and others stay the same location to complete we forever of commitment?

So-called eternal constant just time and we open the joke. Life or have so long. So those accidental meet of live sex just a moment of warm, continuation can’t Permanent of fate. Years with people away I with memory the go further. Go. And to leave the and to coming and going just God scattered of a bit, shallow indifferent with the time goes by annihilation in memories of fog. So more of people are gradually forget only also remember, is that short with the gentle.

Tears can fall even if sad so also will again heart? Flowers bloom is time series of cycle and season seem to be related also no correlation. People calendar vicissitudes of life after still will confused in own of life also intoxicated in own of life, but no way to force yourself not want to those that seem inconsequential of a thing of the past. Sitting in gradually nearly autumn and will fall of flowers hand pick up a flap Red, in nose sense its cool and fragrance like watching that broken pupa butterfly fu cheng cocoon. Laugh, no one would be able to meet miracle don’t walk in this world of cycle.

Don’t have to too to care about others of joke enjoy dress up reserved of mask, in limbo of years stage on and song and one of show one-man show of gorgeous, also no matter applause and flowers of don’t decorate the sea still cross-flow change still difficult to old. look back the past shallow such as light coming and going people have changed life there are always undesirable of when, parting in a hurry always yuan free scattered or how can life shall be jinz, which tube he tomorrow at present what is right and what is wrong. Just the sea still cross-flow change still difficult to old…

You the tender feelings of water drunk I of sad dream

Autumn Wind floating leaves blew one place cold. I sit alone in season of corner in this quiet of night in of Miss thin the Qing, of Acacia Full Heart Lake read you suit already boosted pain. Meet like a field flowers. We Qin the flowers laugh see water listen to flowers. You flower of smile bright the I of a Note lines. I give gentle in exchange for a field and you the most beautiful meet. You left behind in eyebrow eye between the Qiannian in cool of morning fall into I full Acacia of paper note in, melting in I warm such as early of eyes in elongated the Acacia of red line. From for you a heart go to prison.

From all of day are diffuse the happiness of incense, all of years are full the Acacia of warm. I light twist yi ban heart·traeh fragrant will you of like engraved in that first met of season in, of years withered how much of time circulation you has been in I Heart never had away from. Has been think the most beautiful love is know is heart closely. Is only care about a person of sad and like love and sorrow. Is always put a person in the heart. Has been believe there is a kind of love don’t have to phase keep don’t have to care about deep edge shallow, only a sound understand can be in-depth bone marrow into life. Know each other and to cherish warm two know each other.

Autumn is strong a field autumn rain a field cold. Of years how to circulation of fingertips so joys and sorrows clutch. I always stand meet of intersection will you of heart in I Heart in time deep, silence joy. Even though the apart mountains I still can feel you Palm of temperature. Even though the can’t every morning and evening I still can feel you to I of warm. You can know life I most regret of IS and you of this a field heart meet, the most look forward to of IS can hold you the hand count time past, the most happy of is those and you heart closely of time. You of deep feeling warm the I of red lonely you the tender feelings of water drunk I of sad dream, I only want to be you eyes the most beautiful scenery.

If can I may in shallow of time in for you brushed tired. If can I may in plain of days in and you have daily necessities of happiness. Let years deep keep We happy of time. Let time witness we love .. of legend. When love through the sea change when waiting for into Qiannian, when once of warm and to move fixed in years never don’t old love deep how much, handle phase kan zui time.

Used to in each silence of night find you of figure. In each innumerable twists and the dream for you sink. Heart have all tied up in knots knot for King system. Is who of Acacia Road not continuous Pliant is who of love sigh not Red love. In this Acacia of season in I still crazy guard wipe tenderness, and you drunk in time deep say regret. Time in you is I left in lips of that warm, with a ray of Miss in want to you of each night in winding, and thousand of time in read the you of love and sorrow, in Homecoming of time in feel you of happy and sad. This life say are long and the don’t long only in that down of gentle in know take care treasure.

Heart dreams in scenery in flowing

Everyone all has its own unique of heart dreams bearing the many beautiful of fantasy; everyone life will stop certain of scenery left the many good of memories. In my dreams nice south-scene add Dream View one plump time. Dream is the soul of the look forward to dream is thoughts of reproduction dream is ideal of flying, dream is thinking of sublimation. Some dream was short-lived a beautiful moment turn disappear; some dream, like yesterday Changfeng a clear visible an exceiient judge of can be; some dream like deja vu a hazy shallow light; some dream like gone a Unreal Misty irrelevant.

Dream once have joy infinite; Dream had take. Thought elegant; dream, found a path. Heart flowed through; Dream had bright. Yesterday at present. Beautiful of dream people linger gather countless of happy happiness; unreal of dream, people such as the mysterious environment views ni, beauty of the landscape dreams; terrorist of dream, people soul don’t mind with jing shu of adventure heart palpitations. Dream always and certain of View dependent xiang qian phase auxiliary phase contrast. Childhood of dream in high blue of background on the full childish of thinking and fantasy. In long small river listen to fish of ihush whisper, play singing; in green of grassland on, laugh see cattle sheep of down whispers, young hoof sahuan; in open of field in, attention the plants of Bath, jointing stand up; in sunset of afterglow in, glanced Twilight the of cattle Chase, farmers triumph.

Juvenile of dream in fantasy pink of background on the apply ideal of colorful and beautiful. In quiet class accept teacher of be good at giving systematic guidance, knowledge; in lively of playground on, enjoy easy for an arcane of running and jumping, ride aspect; in knowledge of ocean in, knowledge of eyes expo explore, looking for truth; in pure of white paper on, open the wings flying hope, coating description future. Youth of dream in bright warm of background on to depict the future of vision and blueprint. Quiet of library explore of Footsteps trek in knowledge of ocean; Heart of It machine, like Rain of sweat pour out remarkable of performance; frozen of plateau posts, young of Heart surging the one cavity warm blood wanted patriotic; quiet of avenue left footprint shallow deeply, shadows yeah, yeah, both.

Middle-aged of dream in calm heavy of background on the writing life of brilliant and splendid. Through ignorant write. Warm express. Romantic enjoy glory once all the way scenery, all the way feeling all the way explore all the way practice all the way spread all the way gather. Deeply shallow footprint left of is mottled spots split of memories write down of IS stars little of heart, accumulation of is zero reconstruct the experience harvest of is thick real of experience and life accumulation. If the childhood of dream as morning childhood of scenery as vigorous of spring, youth of dream as noon youth of scenery as hot of summer so, middle-aged of dream is sunset before the sunset middle-aged of scenery is in the sunset glow afterglow.

People often to middle-aged as autumn is rich of autumn is heavy, autumn is high of autumn is perfect. “Ancient times every autumn sad lonely I made the spring towards autumn wins. Clear Sky a crane cloud on the in poetry to-Xiao “. through spring through summer walk to autumn all the way scenery song all the way full ren jian qing infinite. So will breeding the “sitting parking Fenglin love to red in February flowers “. of good feelings. Dream Autumn dream autumn. Dream in sea floating; dream in bottom of my imagination; dream in mind in flying; dream in pubic area in fly. Heart dreams in autumn beautiful Moring of scenery in flowing ……

Life is like a dream and you but than dream also away not and

Clouds bang to xi feng away from.; misty rain single lock empty building overlapping Hugh.

Rain, velvety texture vertical grass Yiyi gelatinae hua kai liang duo gently outline the of minor cold thin. Powder Christmas free in within walking distance of the fine in a bit bleak the night wind listen to Flower Rain, light the soft fall into water long.

What incense immersed in wrist of sleeve; what people suo meng in of the misty rain Paris. Season of leaves cycle of falling Time of Xi wind sleepless. Quietly cry and of tears from mouth across, only know tears by heart the taste is how of thick strong.

Heart cultivation of the garden end not I handsome of lonely, and I as the shadow follows the form graceful the midnight of temperature ripples the wipe for who Up of sad, should be an idea between of notes whisper in on the street loess.

After all escape but tragedy of bound you of leave let I drunk. How much love letter, someone of sigh this just love of comedy diedang the silence of fluctuation. I of paper flying in and run away with you of world, also can only same of heavy with the same ink beautiful into unable to of text, if woman A by people pity.

Fingers with the xi feng across the shallow wound heart also can’t see those and you closely of fingerprint, by years of friction elegance cheng ming box of chains lock the can may Wan positive youth, discount Fury a gua afterlife of executive is Labor appointment a field this life and you survived in the end of the world.

Desolately regression Road earnestly floating guest heart; cinnamon more sleep alone who a duckweed.

Road long-term the life of reverie. When wind free and easy the red regression no longer is the original road. People of life a dead bliss just not beside oneself. A few the lights dim end, such as a leaf duckweed was years of wind, whisk wrinkle into slowly landing of yellow paper record the moved also with buried.

Depends home sleeve dance the this flowers of a of Sangma, A in you I oh that of tree. What thought home all of things should have you share, have, a wife and will be harmonious the life of taste I stubborn the body, your the, waist dance a shui yuan shan zhang.

Is yue lao qian wrong the line or Cupid Shoot wrong the arrow it even in, but and segmentation into countless a breakpoint. Is that a love of Arrow deep shoot wrong in I of left shoulder wound from the heart, pain too nearly love too far.

Life is like a dream and you but than dream also away not and; dream by heart students, and you but than heart students of dream also stubborn. If dream WHY you such as past a real if not dream, you of every time there can let I of Life fell V a feeling with and leisurely disappear. You break the I of mind regret the Jingyi of text, you Wide Cuff the empty cold withered the this season summer night of recession. Night Dream day dream tip meng ruo is carefree bond the after day fantastic the life, reluctant to part.

The Splendour sleeve of a robe but the sea misty rain to stop the Paris, transparent of Moonlight also surplus not lotus pond of turbidity color such as I again how efforts of Miss, also Call don’t back to you a of smile. Get used to sit-wander the street wind fine sniffing with text Enron with no you of life, as always the pathetic Pina exhibition infected with a layer of silent color of sigh should be on the street loess, waiting for night every dawn.

Petals walking with the wind; street cloud idle fall where; promenade tortuous vivid; Courtyard, A superb collection of beautiful things. Gardenia quietly open Nepenthes shallow poetry sings whisper a person of pavilion a person of book regret of happy, just not to you keep. Beautiful scenery also just a toast to invite the moon The Shadow into double drunk after, curled up a shadow with who in intangible.

Parting goes: “xian hen may for the day last month year after year still have to Lang round .” A few back to winter and summer change that to of thick Miao of loess wedding dress, whether still may for Xiao Lang of white mourning. The Sky of month still for who dress up the marrying of time phoenix coronet of Pearl, beauty a lilac.

Swan Goose what around yan lou own protection language for who ask clothes; story four Dongfeng thin, round in the elimination into meeting.

And who Years for who lan yi the months wandering. Meeting the still in dream lightly Cang Sheng stomping looming, waste the for who when you look back of moment. Was and who years life the curl of smoke by river and in pick sides and, light “the plain Zhiyuan. Years in casual of years students away.

Happiness belongs to two people love of home? Yeah?-warm day people will be envy. Only each other heart to feel each other of temperature carefully thought and have what worth to care about. I of happiness as if get used to God arrangements of play ACT test the I look up at the focus on, maybe have day that a lilac fantastic Yiyi also will recovery.

Poem into Xiaoxiang of rain, level and oblique tones the heart word of transparent fall into that party Acacia of soil in enjoy lyric clean. Mandarin Duck small print love no of touch thread the loess deal an of skirt of thin silk. Pulse of love micro-give who life and death as strong.

Everyone all have heart of thousands of around at night had thinks the of dream, casual and hair of euphemism tenderness maybe only own can understand. Stunningly enjoy of lyric The belongs to own of moved story also melt in which, not time in a hurry.

Everyone all have life of persistent pray or confession cherish take or let go, persistent into a life of purity no what value and not worth the and shouldn’t have. Years circulation life still bearing of thought sad how to persistent also how.

Moths to a flame just rebirth of salvation; the final sentence love song just continued word of start. Light Night and who in about-year-old hua yu who old end have day, I also will you living in a on the street loess next year of shallow summer rebirth a flowers, whether also remember there was a time when light night wanes that a sentence not abandon.

On the Street loess fantastic Yiyi take my dream and you peer.

Love that years stuffed it of old wine

There is a love


Is years one of road far away of scenery


Once feel hand of tacit understanding


But never. Of disclosure. Heart


Just like the sun love the Moon


A is Dongsheng A has quietly in the West


Hazy left in the wind wipe shoulder of Pity




There is a love


Only suitable for buried in the bottom of my heart


Cloud through she helpless of Sigh


She in fly in lost the green space


Just like a tree flowers fall in love with the lark


A in season in dark the youth


A in the sky yelled singing away from


Between the cloud water beautiful of butterflies looking for the charming of memory




There is a love


She like purple rose as Blue


Germination the young of cui ya


Bloom the beautiful of flowers


Time but jie qi the fence


Flowers people so miss the flowering


A In Haggard medium-term stay dependent


A in sad in clean up landing flocculation


Time flies heart in into Forever also not fade of lost




There is a love


Is the world light sad


Just like Palm love the pine and cypress


One want to married. Just but apart in two


A throw tears in Jiangnan of nanyanxichuang project Investment Limited Company


A in of the North Great Wall Xiang Xue in independent


Of cloud is pure years old. A paper vicissitudes of life


Slowly lin xie under silent of melancholy




There is a love


Eager of a symbol separation


Just like moths fall in love with the fire


Love in no regrets in sublimation pain combustion the beautiful of wings


Ground on the fall the hot of the remains


Weak of life wake up wonderful of legend


Bright of spark interpretation the love of eternal


Night silence speechless




There is a love


Beautiful of like falling flowers and water


A is past life of Tsing Yi


Immersed in the story of time in such as Crazy such as Fan


A is this life of spectators


Hang around in story in bridge rain Lane admire converted


Years ended hong xu falling one place


Deals condensation into red in tender of Acacia misty rain




There is a love


Are destined to meet but no ending


She is years stuffed it of old wine


She is youth write of heart


There is a love


Is the Wind fade rain of the bosom flowers


Did not forget and season of meet silent of kiss the land




There is a love


Look do the end of the survey through the parting


She is yesterday in lingering of song


Warm of Miss calm of look


Pure and romantic.


There is a love silent heavy


Need to with life to understand


Eyes flowing the unreal world of rain


Quietly looking back


Moment joy watch into such as water Zen

Lost Human eye drunk Time

Came a finger colorful of clear dream leaders a holding time in hand Twilight four of when, you from time of other side wading and, curl Tingting of style self-on the street of Ridge smoke in Shan from, fingertips gently tapping the fan past see rain light drop, smell the flowers to send warmth, to years a shallow review. I total love in the rain falls the dusk quietly and sit to you of like with in palm, written into rain of dusk. That die Lian The Millennium did not you Bloom beautiful face is, you of eyes between which the yi wang shui Yun smile look between circulation the red; you out of the corner of dense the bay breeze thoughts limp in a Heung of mind Ying fall, the bending the WHO of tip?

Fold a also floating also disregarding of March smoke Willow bent such as Dai of brow, brow Seminyak the of spring breeze drunk water of time; in treating a, also deep also sink of October qiu hong moment for clear here of eyes, eyes in clear surprise caused the Jiangnan of pear white as snow of a, such as magic like a dream fragrant flowers stained such as Yan of lip, smile seamless such as lake ripples quietly hidden in the lips. Mask but a window bright of Moonlight You elegant of the IS ejaculation Fall of Night boundless, A Lian gentle waves up the pneumatic soft dust heart; break a Wang mildly of shui yi, into sycophancy or obsequiousness; You Ting-Ting of posture is Lotus of light whirlwind the breeze a enchanting, lost Human eye drunk time.

You just like songs water Mae edge dance of woman water Mae flowers gentle waves flocculation volume, with corner millennium of Jiang in water side barefoot light cut a rainbow for beautiful of yu shang, pick up a petals there soft of posture hair light beam of shyness caused the spring is in the air, disturb the wan zhao between of butterflies flying. You must be song in by column zhu wang of woman bath the gentle water of a gentle breeze and a mild rain, see cirrus clouds effect of skirt edge covered with the light sorrow of Shadow, in red of the most deep to listen to the wind yan yu, seems to be to this a trivial detail wave miao of dreams are crushed in this smoke cage fog cover a recession mind in feng luo eyebrow curved of moment a bit sorrowful dense the drift.

Think you it such as Miss the clothes on the of a lily will the aroma of the one place of lines, shanshan echoed; write you it such as with ink flowers write ten spring breeze fingers slender, heart wan gently tracing light inking, you of peerless elegance the like Lotus a open in I the fingertips. In this world of the most deep you is I wait for of allure smile. Now months hidden the wind stopped all are quiet of like. And I in cloud water of the other end shallow look back behind light thin film of and, everywhere you gentle smile through landscape apart of looking at you Ting-Ting of posture, into the heart of a water lotus.

Suddenly between still and a shadow, a memory

Not all of meet or encounter can in years of wind, drying a fulfilling and warm of harvest too much of meet just is in a hurry traveler; not all people coming and going between CAN in memory of window touch that suspension of memory wind chimes, so under string of beautiful of heart sound.

This world need to cherish the things too much, too much actually also few, little. All the way gradually line gradually go in to let own more some smile, no regrets, comfortable, full; less some regret, blank, empty, regret. quietly watch desire there is a heart empty there always have sunshine with; silently of waiting, only for once of encounter in each other cherish, care, business, writing. The most beautiful of memory.

Desire every time to stick out of hands hold a honest; like every a look at in, each other face the comfortable of smile; aftertaste every a turn start of memory, are you kind, familiar with the figure Shanshan and. If a field game a dream after original all are Is Illusion and dream I ‘d rather, still stick to the indifferent and quiet of heart laugh flowers flowering Thank you, tide tidal ……

Hand don’t for hold you of hands only for hold a love of temperature, quietly fall I of palm; close to don’t for Shorten the you of distance only, feel you kind, warm, fresh, elegant of breath; appreciate, don’t staring you of face only for quietly listen to you delicate of heart.

Every day of waiting in a happy, happy, open-minded, quiet quietly silent, through the bottom of my heart of Coast collision, woven, integration. Memory like intangible of network countless times dispersal. Filter to thin sand, precipitation harvest of is a shiny …… As long as in a alone quietly space open mind of window suddenly, still and a shadow, a memory, yi lv wei xiao ……

How many traveler several people looking back?

Life in we have countless traveler coming and going wipe shoulder and. In An also in forgotten; CNS, vast how many traveler how many people looking back moment the edge meet lots of out, every day in interpretation the parting clutch of story, supplement to memory in those flowers, flowers fall, encounter, separation of fragment. time ups and downs many meet, know each other end will become good of memories, many of oath also will annihilation in wind of behind.

In network encounter of friendship have how much will each other hand in hand forever? Have how much plot will forever? And how many fate walk walking powder the look at it tired! Had someone said: Earth all of meet are in order to the final separation, maybe we eventually get rid of can’t turn around wave of plot maybe after all can’t life waiting, but once Review of deep feeling once consonance close to of little drops and how easily forget? That’s near water the faint mountain keeps remote from of the bonds of that’s past life review thousand times for of with through the mountain water, in light of red in the left of rich of aromatic and how can the wind?

Life only if the beginning of the meet I only remember you looking back at the smile, I will to you the most beautiful face collection in the bottom of my heart. First when the heart career, then we still with a qing yan warm dependent even if water swept away the time, years old the face you still in I Heart never leave, you I of fate even if smoke spend as bright moment also has no regrets! Stay back to see I’ll heart deeply Thanksgiving you! Once in I the world in stay; Thanksgiving you! Once across the screen to I all the way warm.

CNS, vast how many traveler several people looking back? Total some people Enron from quietly kept not abandon also some people strong as wine, crazy like drunk is wake up nowhere find to come and go wind dream had no trace, deep edge shallow countless of meet countless of separation sad a lot maybe give up, maybe maybe helpless finally understand why don’t shou zhuo to Qingxin indifferent smile see flowers bloom, cloud Cirrus effect of if have not abandon of friendship that call special friend the rest, smile .. friendship.

Gently turn around quietly review all will clear I not expect all of people can know what I, life in what to want? But in a hurry and in a hurry less Qiannian or good quiet and stable, wu bei no like just color of calm waiting for you of years in so calm you if well, is sunny day. CNS, how many traveler several people looking back? All of it going ups and downs. I only to a indifferent of heart, came a few minutes ink write red of twist flowers builds products Zen tea piano is in roll-out church incense, will emotions into in pen-nib you if read I of text must be it the world Old met, you in the end of the outside for I gaze I in reality this end grateful you of review. You if also in I the peace of mind!

Drunk in that Cherbourg-like music in

Once countless a dusk to lean on window listen to the Richard Clayderman Piano, wonderful melodious of music and dynamic of picture as one is imagination. I drunk the was conquer of is so of completely!

That’s a autumn of dusk walk in outside secluded of small way sustained-release the work of tired, enjoy the after work short of leisure and comfort. Mountain city of early autumn have the somewhat pretty is relaxed and happy. Distance from the autumn whispers of the CD of I get carried away soon immersed in music in. Music is so of sensational as if eyeful is storied of golden, red, of which the purple, orange, indigo and blue of spots magnificent and texture. Forest Field in autumn waves an oasis ……

One after another is that of vivid and Image: Rain of autumn more charming lovely, everywhere are mottled of spread trace insects? Nong soil fragrance this is Autumn of qiu yu, autumn of fairy tale; simple of notes slowly from Heart flowing and, that to Alice of should is a bunch of flowers also maybe is love in floating away of paper sail; forest in, spring edge beautiful of Adi Lina gathered Chrysanthemum indicum L, happy to bend over sideways look water in the beautiful then and sit-water next to the bluestone on tuosai hands, stuck meditation; pathos and pleasure of melody in Romeo and Juliet embrace dance, to love and hate entanglement interpretation to death Nirvana; writing a poem vividly paper drunk Acacia, v. Love. Late autumn of dusk in blonde blue eyes of Adeline hand-held letters close to the chest looked long and long at the distance, send the miss and look forward to; open autumn of picture blue of the sky is background, this is Love clear pure, blue no time; memory little drops but very clear, miss is that of sincere talk always so looked at love to deep also heart, that aftertaste infinite and deep and eternal of is love of memorial ……

No matter is music Autumn of interactive rendering or sound of tapping Echo, can make people feel every music flashing the autumn of luster germinating the autumn of inspiration, transfer the autumn of charm.

Push music of Door Music in autumn of bright come: that’s autumn recession, that’s qiushuiyiren that’s autumn deep as the sea even that the sky is also autumn night of stars.

Every first music in all carry and release the autumn of beautiful, warm, romantic, tenderness and sentimental. At the same time love of amorous feelings sound non-ferrous is filled with emotion.

Music sometimes like dripping ji shi crisp bright; sometimes such as a trickle clear comfortable; sometimes like and home high-pitched passionate …… IS is at the beginning leisurely beautiful brilliant; orgasm the such as stream long diarrhea soul-stirring; at the end and yi you wei jin unable to stop ……

Not know music of talent will understand will be infection as long as you rich feelings, feel, will understand every note every a tracks. Oh, that may be a poem a song a article prose a deputy sand painting, also may be a dream raving a memory a ray of Sanjiang a sad, A sound sigh ……

Smell happiness by heart

Night Wind tight with text but still glow the look; winter months Dark, lamp but still shine the light. Group to clustering feather flock together with text country is happy a pro. Invited to wind the moon do Ascot push Cup, judge executive into alcoholic elegant quiet do Lady, mean tricky into shrew ……

That’s literati describe of one day that’s poet shape of a soul and for text, these magic of Elf did hate. Love. Blame. Sigh? They leisurely to live in small dictionary in have the invitation to readily to a field party yan ba, an indisputable don’t rob the you. Calm such as early harmony such as early.

Life of pain most from don’t meet. Don’t want to have been only thinking no in self-torture. Meet the not do not think enterprising but enjoy hand in happiness; meet the not willing to mediocre, but positive and optimistic in the face of life; meet the not stop but smiling to meet challenges.

Tagore: “birds want to be a cloud want to be a only bird .” With for those not actual of fantasy distress as based on the present think can do for yourself some what, can others do some What Can Social do some what. Don’t complain, don’t lament graft Lotus in heart stay leaves Teddy Big such, stay of ya zhi hua quietly there rain leaf holding rain; the wind flowers with the Wind Dance ……

I in heart create the in addition a world this world is hideaway outside of world is Winter, A dry frozen vine old tree school Shaw kill and I of world sea sky with spring flowers blossoming. Every day walk in own of world fun. Live in rivers Lake Love in the path winds along mountain ridges. I am really drunk driving Baiyun by Changfeng, only I free. A flower a world everyone of mind are a world why don’t Good create?

With a pure of the man who has begun to live with a simple of the man who has begun to live, with a quiet of the man who has begun to live. Don’t to today into tomorrow every day night empty others on own of bad, also empty own the others of good sleep a. When the second days rise when new of day new of start new of own, others never owe own also never Grace in others. Let life every day are new of Let own pure as full vitality.

Pour a cup of sake sit in quiet small courtyard of stone bench on, with two Baiyun, three two breeze in one gulp. Day lunch people drunk past a chapter review. Never live up to time never letting people life to now, no blame, no regrets, free, happy. Management the own of text Park let here blowing the spring of wind, bloom the summer of flowers suspension the autumn of clear sky elegant the winter of snow.

With text of country air is so fresh flowers is so elegant. Tired. Just in a poem in nap thirsty. IT leaders a holding spring water entrance. “Book own House of Gold the book, the book has its own beautiful woman” this house didn’t really have gold silver of copper odor, only that bright of glorious tossing eyes; this beauty will let a person produce lust of oblique want, only will amazing in she of graceful charming.

Through in text Middle often trance think own is a cloud own is a drop of rain, OWN is a small grain of dust floating in word on fall of in, caught in a page yellow of old books in.

Walk in Street alley often amazing a old house, a new leaves, a field fog, A drop morning dew ….. Thinking about this bore witness to unique of View transplanting into text garden will bear the fruit, or sour or sweet or solid or soft what are let I joy, all let I put it down.

I is a hold word carry of the naughty baby, is a reward wind rain hundred tire of urchin. Text in Sprinkled like in life in enjoy the natural wind, enjoy the leisurely quiet. With text let I so calm let I so happy, let I after the world still keep the to Jane of heart. As the saying goes “have to gratitude” the how to thank this want to with text little angel? I want to only and of dating more than visit.

Smell the flowers by nasal; smell happiness by heart.

Sleep, concentration Bright of the sunlight flooded in chest shine on Heart of Bud on. I hear the flowers with dew-knit argument to bloom elegant Jingya aromatic bursts of into blood, channeling full body. Others can’t see that deeply rooted of flowers others smell less than that ethereal of incense, but I really smell to refreshing aftertaste long.